What do you wear on your fat day?

  1. Today's my fat day. I was late for a meeting because I spent too much time thinking what to wear when I feel so bloathed. I normally wear 25 for jeans and still have some room... but not today. I have to conceal my tummy with cashmere wrap. Is it just me or do you guys have a day like this too?
  2. Of course, especially on Mondays.
  3. Um, honestly, I have a bit of tummy pooch so my clothes are pretty much designed to hide that anyway. So I really don't need special fat-day clothes. LOL! I might avoid wearing anything made of a particularly slinky or clingy fabric though.
  4. Empire line tops/Dresses with Leggings, perfect for a fat day cso they hide everything and look super cute
  5. Oh yes, I totally have "fat" days. I will usually wear skinny jeans with a cute flowy blouse or an empire waist type dress. I also have a couple jumper dresses that I put over a tank top and wear with my frye boots. Which is actually what I'm wearing today!
  6. When I have to work on a fat day, I go with Express editor pants. They are not my favorite for cut or crispness but they're still flattering and so stretchy that there is no hugging at the belly. I pair them with a pullover top and layer a short sleeved loose fitting "sweater" that fastens in the middle (I own a few for just this reason) and my fat day is comfy, concealed and still professional.
  7. I love tunics, which hide my stomach anyways even on days I'm not feeling fat.:yes:
  8. I usually just wear juicy suits, cause on that kind of day I just want to be comfy.
  9. Some sort of sweater, maybe jeans or a knee length skirt, maybe flats. I tend to feel and dress frumpy.
  10. fat days are like everyday.. =( i usually throw on a waistcoat over a tee cos it acts like some sort of male-corset for us guys. haha. it helps to stream line the body...and then my huge burberry coat.

  11. I totally know what you mean!

    Luckily it's sweater weather.

    Dolce & Gabbana corseted jackets work wonders for me! What helps if you wear a (thick) belt too. You can't eat too much without feeling like you need to stop. Or, if you wear a really fabulous outfit and stop every so often to check yourself out in the mirror. Really reminds you to keep things in check.
  12. Love empire waists!
  13. ugh i get them all the time, usually a oversized hoodie and a pair of sweats.
  14. when i don't have work.. on yucky days, i'll just throw on some sweats. when i do have work, i'll try to wear a skirt or dress instead.
  15. Pair work shorts with a cute top! I'm really tall, so I divert attention to my legs instead ;)

    Or, I wear my glasses for the "librarian" look, which always gets me complements :yes:
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