What do you wear in the rain?

  1. Do you wear a rain jacket, trench, rain boots.. what do you wear?
  2. Depends on how warm/cold it is. If it's too cool, I'll put on my vintage Missoni cotton trench coat and my white Fendi rainboots. But if it's hot, I'll just throw on my vintage Burberry trench and my Miu Miu boots.
  3. A smile! :P
  4. hmmm one thing i'll make sure is i'm wearing boots & not wearing heavy jeans at all. keep it light & trench coat
  5. I try not to wear my fancier shoes....

    My ex commented I always wear my favorite satin roundtoe red pumps in the rain....

    I used to dress around my Burberry umbrella until I lost it. Now I don't dress around my mismatched umbrellas.

    I think I tend to dress more warmly in the rain but don't really remember....
  6. Burberry trench and matching rain boots!
  7. I usually just wear whatever I'd normally wear, plus an umbrella. Obviously I might need to consider which shoes to wear though.
  8. I have a few trench coats (knee length with pants, longer length with skirts). Umbrella, leather gloves and boots and I'm all set. I don't have any rubber rain boots any more...just my leather ones are OK for short walks.
  9. I need a trench seriously but right now I wear my vintage Members Only jacket with my Pucci rainboots
  10. DeeDeeDelovely, I love the Pucci boots! I should have bought them when I had the chance but I never did!
  11. usually what I always wear. At home I park inside the connected garage and at work I park in the underground parking. So I never have to get wet. I am glad because I sure couldn't afford all the designer rain gear!

  12. LOVE IT!!! :love:

    I just use an umberlla
  13. I think a cute trench & a brolly & some killer leather boots
  14. thank you, uhkiwi and moxy703. I get the major compliments when I wear them:love:
  15. Leather Jacket, Scarf and these fabulous Marc by Marc Jacobs Rain Boots I just got at Saks on Wednesday! I've been getting nothing but compliments.:shame: