What Do You Wear in the Fall/Spring??

  1. Am I the only one that has the hardest time getting dressed this time of year lol....I'm in the DC/MD/VA area and this sucks. It's pretty chilly in the a.m., during the day it warms up in the 70's, then it's cold again in the evenings:confused1: I go through this every year:rolleyes:. Its too cold to wear summer clothes and not cold enough yet for winter clothes. I have a nice collection of denim, sweater, and hoody jackets. But what clothes & shoes do u guys wear?
  2. I completely agree, it's very annoying. Usually, I put on a blazer/jacket of some sorts over a t-shirt with jeans around this time (because my school is always freezing also. Once I put on a turtleneck and a jacket, kept them on all day at school, walked outside and it was 70-something!) and if it gets too hot during the day, I take the jacket off and carry it. Or if I'm going somewhere and want to look good, I suffer the heat and keep my jacket on. Not the most practical, but hey...

    For you, I'd say layer a light sweater over a t-shirt and carry a larger bag, so if you get too hot you can put the sweater in it, and wear jeans and flats with socks (in the morning). It sounds stupid, but if you're wearing jeans people most likely won't see the socks and you can always take them off during the day. Or you could wear stockings, and that won't make too much of a difference in the heat.

    Hope this helped!
  3. I live in MD, DC area and love the fall/spring weather.

    Love short/no sleeves with a jacket (most mine are suit jackets), a very light thin wispy sweater or shirt with vest (vest are so in BTW), layers (long sleeves over short bulky sweater and leggings.... love my jeans skirts/heavier pencil skirts with em boots. I only do pants during extremely cold winters.
  4. My outfit for today:
    top over longsleeve, cardigan, jacket, pashmina scarf

    Lots of layers that can be taken off or put on during the day. It's the best way to stay warm in this type of weather.
  5. Personally, I like to wear clothes in the fall and winter. Seriously, though, I live in Southern California, and I'm such a wimp that I do definitely need to wear more sweaters and stuff. Otherwise... I couldn't imagine having a "fall/winter" and "spring/summer" wardrobe.
  6. Autumn is my favorite season!
    I always layer b/c I never know what temperature any room/building is going to be no matter the season. I've started to wear ballet flats & boots on the chillier days & a long scarf/shawl.
  7. Anyone else??
  8. tbh, I just wear pants, a shirt, and then take a hoodie or something with me if it's gonna get chilly while I'm out.
  9. I'm in college so I wear a t-shirt, jeans, hoodie, and Chuck Taylors.