What do you wear for LOUNGEWEAR, worn -out and about-?

  1. All I ever wear are nice pairs of jeans, high stiletto heels, and nice shirts. I never wear flat shoes or sneakers, or hoodies or anything like that.

    I kind of want to once in a while, but I don't even know where to begin. Well, actually I did start out with buying a Victoria's Secret Pink hoodie, but that's more for around the house and when my boyfriend is over because I needed more cute pajamas.

    For sneakers/flat shoes, I only have a pair of Nike Shox with pink shox. I looked into those Juicy Couture track suit type outfits, but I like long tops, and those are all too far above the waist.

    I even looked into Ugg boots for flat regular wear, but there's so many very young girls that wear them. I like them but I feel as though I could find something more "me."

    What the hell do I wear when I want to dress DOWN? I've been struggling with this for a long time now, but more often than not I want to dress up and things like that. Lately though it's just so cold and I'm tired all the time from my semester and want to dress down.. but am clueless.

    If it helps, I'm 21, 5'2" and 100 lbs.

    Sorry for coming in so clueless! I go through this dilemma all the time and just settle for being uncomfortable on days I should dress down and lounge around more when I'm out, particularly at school. Thanks for any help! I mean, what do you wear for casual wear? Anyone who is like me and always dresses up no matter what?
  2. I would recommend a pair of leggings right now paired with a long loose sweater or tunic long sleeve shirt.
    Throw on a pair of slouchy flat boots....
    I just found a track style suit (hoodie and pants) from True Religion. It wasn't as short on top as the Juicy suits I own.
    The best place to start might be to invest in a pair of ballerina flats, they are so versatile, you could probably wear your usual outfit, throw on a ballerina flat and now you have a more casual look!
  3. What about some ballet flats? They are comfy and casual, I live by these. I used to hate the way they looked but after giving in and getting a pair I don't know what I'd do without them. They are not only casual they also are dressier than sandals.
  4. Baggy jeans and a tee? Cozy knits and huge scarves? And I agree about the ballet flats.
  5. For loungewear, I wear mens basketball shorts and a beater or t-shirt if people are around, no shirt if I'm alone and the house is warm.
  6. Around the house I wear a t-shirt and adidas warm-ups. To be honest, I always throw on a pair of jeans if I am going somewhere (even Target at 9pm!). Like the girls above suggested, ballet flats would be great for you to throw on in place of your high heels. That would be a good first step. Also, Juicy does make some longer hoodies. I think they are called the Dolman hoodie.
  7. look into lululemon atheltica wear
  8. i second this. lululemon is the best...and perhaps it won't be as ubiquitous where you are as it is here in Toronto...but they are so comfortable and they fit beautifully....

    lululemon athletica | home
  9. your age and shape are very similar to myself, i'm 22 5'3" 110 lb, and before, all i wore was stiletto, jeans and nice shirt too!! hopefully i can help you with your problem

    the first brand i started wearing to dress down was ella moss, because they have feminine cut and style, but their cotton, and often striped, fabric adds casualness and comfort...i have an ella moss dress that i wear for comfort w/ flats, but i could also dress it up with a glam bag and stilettos :smile:

    i had been into juicy for a while too....altho XS is the right fit, if u go up a size for S, it will become a bit longer and looser to be more comfortable and casual...i have that juicy hoodie with rabbit fur lining...it is warm, looks nice, and its longer than regular juicy hoodies even with the same XS

    the key to dressing an outfit down is to wear flat shoes..its still winter here, so i wear my skinny jeans with flat boots or boots with small wedges...in spring you can wear jeans with ballet flats...flat shoes can create comfort and dress an outfit down to a certain degree (depending on the style of your flats) while keeping style

    some nice cut T-shirt with lower neckline (i really cant wear high round necked shirts) can keep the femininity/ sexiness while being comfortable too, i wear those at home and for errands a lot. you can even wear those with a very plain and comfortable cashemere cardigan and still look casual and easy

    i remember last spring i sometimes wear very plain tank top and/or hoodie with loose and flowy skirt and flat sandals....the flat sandles and plain tank and/or hoodie dresses the skirt down and of coz, its very comfortable too

    hope that helps
  10. At home I wear juicy couture or The White Company sweats with white tops/sweat tops. If I am just running out quickly I shove on some UGG boots.

    However, if I am casual but out and about I will wear jeans, a casual fitted top and ballet flats or my UGG boots.
  11. i LIVE in loungewear. i'm a college student, so i rarely ever dress up for school (once every few weeks).

    lululemon is a must. i would recommend a track jacket, scuba hoodie and pair or two of yoga pants.

    i also wear juicy velour suits a lot.. and uggs! my mother is almost 50 and she has a pair that she lives for. it's not about fashion for her (us), they're insanely comfy and warm. they are definitely worth the investment.

    and definitely ballet flats. or puma running shoes. or vans.

    i always feel at my sexiest when i'm wearing baggy sweatpants and tight cropped tee. i LOOOOVE bum clothes.

    i'm 5'4" 95 lbs and 19 if it helps :smile:
  12. I wear a lot of juicy track suits and t-shirts to be comfy. Sometimes I'll just wear jeans. Actually my favorite jeans are Juicy too. I have some other yoga pants that I bought at Victoria's secret that I like too. I usually wear flat shoes when I'm not working.
  13. ballerina pumps look great with skinny jeans, and uggs look great with baggier fitting jeans. As for your Nike shox, have you tried Nike Air Rifts? They come in loads of different colous and designs, and look a little trendier than most sneakers.

    I'm always borrowing my fiancee's v-neck sweaters and wearing them with leggings or skinny jeans for a baggier more casual look.

    Around the house or for travelling its always juicy tracksuits or Victorias Secret Pink bottoms and hoodies.

    If you dont know where to start with casual clothes, then stay with what you feel most comfortable in, if you feel comfortable glammed up in heels, jeans and a shirt then stick with it, it obviously works for you!
  14. Lululemon and pumas. That's all I wear when I am not wearing jeans or dress clothes.
  15. lol it was like the opposite for me. in 8th grade i just used to wear abercrombie tees and jeans and now a junior in hs im really dressy..i hope to expand on this even more so when im in college.

    i would go with juicy couture suits! they are a must