What do you wear Blueberry with?

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  1. I am starting to like Blueberry now, but I can't think of how to match my clothing with it. Basically, I would just like a bag that goes with my jeans and sneakers. What do the rest of you wear with your Blueberry bag? Thanks.
  2. I wear jeans and sneakers all the time with my Blueberry City. I have a couple of pics with my bag against different shades of jeans. If you want to see how it looks next to jeans, I'll post the pics for you.
  3. I wear my Day with just about anything. The blueberry color also looks great with grey. I think it looks good with jeans as well.
  4. Blue goes with anything. I wear my navy twiggy (which is a few shades lighter than the blueberry) with almost everything. I get the most compliments when I wear it with my dark demin and orange jacket (blue is the complimentary color to orange)
  5. wear white with grey/silver (skirt/scarves)...... i don't have a blueberry.. but that's the direction I would go if I did.. =)
  6. I pondered what would look great w/ this color as well. This is great to know! Thank you!
  7. I got my Blueberry City last week and I used it all weekend with jeans, white shirt, and on Sunday a light/pale pink shirt. Today I have on a lavender-ish/gray shirt and black pants and it looks great with that. I wear a lot of pink and I plan on carrying it with pinks even if it doesnt match...just cause I like it!
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