What do you wear at the gym...............

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  1. People wear such a variety of things to the gym!

    I have a difficult time finding inexpensive activewear that's cute ( I mean, it's for the gym! I'm going to sweat in it and wash it a bazillion times, it won't last forever.) I used to be not so comfy with myself, so I was all about big t-shirts and gym shorts. Lately I like to wear old t-shirts lying around-- but also tank tops and colored ( never white) wifebeaters paired with sportbras. The shirts that look like sports bra tank tops are also super comfortable. ( Target actually carries some really adorable ones that are like, $10.) For shorts, I have a ton left over that I bought during my days as a day camp counselor ( mostly from AE and express) but my new favorite are the ones made by Victorias Secret PINK. I have purple, light blue, and dark blue ones! I also like to wear tight leggings-type pants, I also have a pair of PINK ones ( just picked them up today.) :-P

    ANYWAYS, I think my gym wear is pretty appropriate, sometimes my shorts are on the shorter side- but that has a lot more to do with comfort than anything ( Ever tried spinning in long shorts?!). Some girls, I've seen I'm just like..."omg. WHAT?" There's this one girl at my gym, who wears a sports bra and ROLLED booty shorts. She's got a decent body- but it's obvious she does it for attention ( and it works, all the dumb frat guys are always all over her, lol.)

    Then on the opposite end of the spectrum we've got those people who work out in khakis-- and I can't tell you the amount of dudes wearing swimming shorts- wtf.

    :-P So, how do you ladies adorn yourself for some time at the gym, and do you have any fitnesswear reccomendations? I used to never care how I looked when I worked out, and now that I take the time to put together a kind of cute little coordinating outfit, I've felt a million times better. Florida has worked wonders for my superficiality.:love: lol.
  2. HAhahahaha I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! I still don't care as much what I wear, but sometimes I just wear some Nike gear that matches- that always works well enough for me. I still will wear tees all the time :shame:
  3. I buy most of my workout clothes at Target. They have these nice racerback tanktops made of stretchy material with a built-in bra for maybe $10! I have a few of those, and I wear them with my black sports bra. I also wear old T-shirts that I pick up at Goodwill or the Salvation Army for $2. For pants, I have a pair of grey and black cropped yoga pants that I also bought at Target for $20 or so. I rarely wear shorts, cropped pants are so comfortable, but don't make me sweat as much as when I wear regular long pants :shame: Socks, my Asics running shoes, iPod mini and water, I'm good to go :P
  4. Gosh, by the time I get my gym clothes on I've given up on the idea of even going. Pizza and beer, anyone?
  5. when I used to go, I would wear the grayest, baggiest sweats I could find. and still some guy would inevitably jog up next to me and ask me, "how long you been workin' out?" :blink:
  6. yes! lol.

    I'm ashamed to admit I touch up my make-up before I head over there.

    Christina, I have the charcoal grey racerback tank from target, I love it! I'm going to buy some more.

    Intlset! I'll take pizza and (lite) beer. :-P
  7. I have the same tank :lol: They are very comfy, and not too tight where every bulge shows :shame: :P

    I'll take pizza, too! Supreme, please :love: My favorite beer is Corona Light, don't forget the limes :nuts:
  8. This thread is making me glad I go to an all women's gym. I almost went to a regular gym, but the guy couldn't it make it any more clear they were checking me out. Grrr... I guess the gym gets them all hot and bothered. Back on topic, I usually wear a pair of very loose sweats, a tee and a sports bra. If it's hotter, I wear a tanktop or shorts.
  9. The few times I ever go to the gym I wear lululemon and tna tracksuits and sometimes sweatpants. I dance a lot though and thats usually what I wear.
    Looking good actually gives me the motivation to go :lol:
  10. Nike capris and tights and Sugoi tanks. I have had the same dozen or so tops and bottoms for years --they are all well used and I am amazed at how long they have lasted. Unlike almost everything else, I am rarely tempted to buy any new ones.
  11. i don't go to the gym (although i really want to try spinning) but when i go to crew i wear shorts (haha they're a little short) and a tank top if it's hot or a big shirt if it's mild. it's FREEZING right now though :sad:
  12. There's a great Canadian company that makes yoga and athletic wear called Lululemon (http://www.lululemon.com/). There are some stores open in the states, mostly in California I think but I would definitely recommend their clothes. A great deal of their pieces are made with "luon", which is their signature fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin (kind of like that Nike fabric, although I find the problem with the Nike one is that it smells SO BAD after). They're quite stylish and comfortable as well !
  13. that's all i wear to the gym! cdn girls love their lulu! :biggrin:
  14. Certainly do !

    Did you hear that Nike might be trying to buy Lulu out ? I would too, if I were a large company and saw the massive amount of growth, but that would be such a bummer.
  15. Sweats or shorts and tshirts.