What do you wear around the house?

  1. Just curious what all you ladies wear to lounge around.

    I usually try to make *some* effort to look good since i don't live alone (can't say that's always reciprocated by other members of the household, though :rolleyes: ). So when I get home, I either change into jeans and a tee (if I'm not feeling too lazy) or something like a cute pj set or a fitted tank and yoga pants.

    Even when I'm not in public, I still don't like feeling schlumpy.
  2. usually lulu lemon yoga pants or juicy pants and layered tanks. flip flops, slippers or uggs on my feet and a hoodie if i'm cold. i put comfy clothes on as soon as i get home.
  3. I have been housebound all week....as I had some "work" done on my eyes...so I have been LIVING in Juicy, Bcbg sweats...and jcrew sweats. After 9pm and before 9am I have on my husbands big sweatshirt and a pair of life is good flannel pants!!!
  4. Oh, now that depends. If I do not plan on going outside at all (Ha!) then I don't bother, especially when it's 120 degrees outside. But since it's cooler now, only about 90 to 95 degrees for the high I wear something comfy, yet presentable like a nice t-shirt dress or semi-fitted cotton or linen dress. When it gets a little colder I'll put on some knock-around pants or shorts and whatever loose shirt I find handy. I don't really like t-shirts unless they have a scoop neck because I think it's choking me and I'm always fidgeting with it, looking like I'm on a bad trip. Very rarely does it get cold enough for flannels, but I do have a nice pair of soft cotton jammy pants.
  5. what did you have done?

    On topic,
    I'm in jeans most of the time, after dinner i'm usually in yoga pants and tee or sweat shirt and my uggs.
    I put pj's on just before going to bed.
  6. I HAVE to change my clothes when I get home...it drives me nuts staying in my clothes from work (even if I just wore jeans to work) into the evening...

    So in the F/W I usually am in sweats and a flannel or fleece top or sweatshirt. In the summer, it's a tank top and VS boxies or men's boxers.
  7. I love flannel, how stylish, huh?
  8. I love flannel too so I usually sleep in flannel!! During the day when I'm home, I wear a pair of sweats and hoodie and a pair of big fluffy house shoes. I stay soooo cold all year round that I have to wear long sleeves when I'm in our house.
  9. Jeans if i have to leave for any reason, like the check the mail. Jammies if it's past 7 and no one is around. Terrycloth pants if I'm just chillin playin video games all day or sick on the couch or something.

    Sometimes I will wear a cute sink tank top or something if I want to get my boyfriend's attention. Otherwise it's anything goes.
  10. it's getting COLD here... it briefly snowed yesterday, so i'm usually wearing juicy velour pants and a fleece sweatshirt or hoodie, or whatever's clean. :crybaby:
  11. I have a few Juicy sets & Paul Frank jammies that I alternate between.
  12. Soft Puma pants and a short-sleeved t-shirt.
  13. juicy pants and cheap tees.
  14. Summer:cheap T-shirts and sport pants/shorts. Winter: old but comfy flennel hoody+pants
  15. i'm wearing a ready to go outfit :P
    i only changed with pyjamas when i'm really on the verge of sleeping.