What do you wear a lot of?

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  1. I wear a lot of white dresses.

    I think it's a symptom of some weird subconscious desperation to get married, or something, because I have dozens in my closet! It's a little creepy, I must admit!

    What do you wear a lot of?

    I have a professor who *only* wears black turtlenecks. I wonder how many she has, I can't tell them apart!
  2. I wear a lot of black sleeveless tanks :biggrin: Just a lot of black in general, but I'm starting to branch out into color.
  3. I love pastel colors adorned with pearls, ruffles, laces, ribbon. Loving those types of outfit sooo much :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    For dresses, I love the gowns that sparkle.. :nuts:

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  4. i wear alot of blazers. i have blazers in the alot of the basic colors (black, white, off white, brown, dark brown, camal, tan, pink, navy blue, deep red...and etc.. hehehe) ... and in in different fabrics, different textures, different prints, different lengths in arms and height... hehehe
  5. Very pretty. :nuts:
  6. I wear a lot of white; shirts, dresses, sweaters, jackets, the majority of my handbags are white too.:weird: :nuts:
  7. Jeans + jacket + kneehigh boots - all the time.
    On vacation I tend to prefer dresses, esp. 60-style dresses, simple shiftdresses without frills or lace. I do admire frilly dresses on other persons - they look so cute - but it's not me.
  8. Cuffed up jeans with pointy high heels, I know but that's me.
  9. That sounds cute! :nuts:
  10. I usually wear jeans and a baby tee for casual wear.
  11. jeans and t shirt kinda gal...and if the weather is warm shorts and tankies...i love wifebeaters...yup im verry casual
  12. Anything black.....alot of textured black with funky designs/details. I always wear a hat 99% of the time too.
  13. Jeans with cashmir turtle necks in winter (pale rose, black or brown), boots and a jacket. In Autum/spring I wear suits in black and camel. Summer I wear a white suit and a lot of white linen trousers with pastell t-shirts (lacoste). My usual shoes are middle high heels or pale rose loafers in summer, sandals/sneakers. So I just look pretty normalish for 32. Nothing special
  14. Jeans, cashmere sweaters, tees, frye boots, or mephisto helen sandals -- covers 99% of the time
  15. i wear a lot of black, especially pants. i don't own a single pair of blue jeans. there, i said it!