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  1. Ok....let's say you get one gift that fits in your Stocking (hung by the chimney with care.......or wherever else you hang your stocking) and one that goes under the tree.

    And for the ladies who don't celebrate traditional Christmas with a tree and stockings and all that stuff.....one small gift and one large gift.

    What would you want from the Hermes Santa that would fit in your stocking and under the tree?

    And it can NOT be a Kelly or a Birkin under the tree OR a Cadenas in the stocking. Oh! And money's no object. Suddenly Hermes Santa came into some big bucks..............................

  2. ....this is what happens when you're a little bored at home waiting for DH to show up with the Chinese take-out...............................
  3. Hmm, for under the tree, I would wish for a Plume 32cm in Black Box or Potiron Togo. And for a stocking stuffer, I would wish for the Brown Jungle Love Shawl - hee hee!
  4. This is a fun game, with Birkins out of the running, I'll say

    Big - white or BJ bolide
    Little - orange H enamal braclet (click or clac ??) I need to brush up on my nomenclature!

    What about you Shopmom??
  5. :blah:
  6. stocking stuffer - hermes tohu bohu twilly (black colorway)
    under the tree - is the kelly lounge allowed here? if it is, then one in black box. if not, then kelly riding boots in black with palladium hardware.

    Merry Christmas!!! I've been real good Santa!!!

  7. Hermes Santa, I wana H watch with DIAMONDS :yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. Oh, that's a toughie!
    Stocking: Hapi MM Bracelet in red
    Under the Tree: Garden Party (the wool one or the Garden Party Twilly bag in brown. Santa's choice!):yahoo:
  9. :smile: OOOOH...I Love This. I want the ENTIRE "Balcons du Guadalquivir" line. Can you imagine how festive this dinner service would be over the holidays? YUMMY!!:drool: The travel size Plume in Vermillion Togo....I'll buy a REALLY BIG STOCKING!!:graucho: :heart: :heart:

    Thanks for this thread shopmom! It's really putting me in the Christmas Spirit.:smile:

    What about you?:shrugs:
  10. I love this!!!

    Under the tree: Plume 32 in Black box w/ white stitching

    Stocking stuffer: Collier De Chien in Vert Anis Croc w/ palladium
  11. Well, I'll pick 8 things for the 8 days o' Hannukah. LMAO:roflmfao:

    Hermes Toucan Tea Cups & Mugs

    Hermes GM Braise Croc Jige

    Fuschia Croc Cuff

    Tiger Key Chain

    Hermes Evelyne

    Lucky Key Ring
  12. Under the tree: Christine
    Stocking stuffer: Hapi bracelet in red
  13. Shopmom.... where are ya?

    Hmmmmm, can't eat sang choi bow and post at the same time, I guess :rolleyes:
  14. I'm a simple gal...

    Under the tree: toile/barenia 31cm Trim

    Stocking stuffer: Ano horn cuff in either red or potiron lacquer or all natural.
  15. 1. An Hermes enamel bracelet
    2. Rouge H bolide 31cm
    3. Barenia Trim II

    I don't think I'll get this YET, but nice to dream about!!:heart: