What do you want to see "first"?


Apr 16, 2008
rainy city
Well, I have been kind of busy lately :biggrin: (like everybody else), but happy with my new purchases. I just made my last purchase today and that would be my last for the year. I am officially on a BAN until 2010 and I even told my husband. I am now under radar.

It's time for me to enjoy my bags and I think I am kind of Bal content for now. :thinking:

Here is the "first" bag that I am going to reveal....Plomb First. I am really not a "first" kind of girl. Since I am kind of 'plomb' desparate, this would probably be my only 'first' and I am happy that it is plomb.

Next I am going to reveal my first giant work - Pale Magenta GSH Work, the leather is gorgeous and thick, and the color is probably a few shades brighter than bubblegum.

Last but not least, it's a Amethyst Day. The color on this bag is STUNNING, looks better IRL, very hard to capture this color on camera.



Nov 1, 2008
Ooooh, now we'll need to see a group shot of all your Bal babies, kobe!


Nov 5, 2006
Hong Kong
:woohoo: congratulationssssssssss *kobe*

of course you know i will :heart: Plomb First the most! this color is irresistible!

and i also love your Amethyst Day, all your bags look perfectly NEW! great findsss

i am also on a BAN! let's hang in there together!!! we can do it!!!