What do you want to buy/ do before you die?

  1. Hi! Not meaning to be morbid but there are things on my 5, 10, 20 year wish list!:p Hope to acquire/experience @ somepoint!

    4cttw diamond studs
    3-5 cttw diamond ring for RH (already married & would never change my set) but... the RH that's a different story!
    New car! Probably Toyota or Honda
    A Housekeeper! PLEASE!

    Have horses again
    More pets! French bulldog, english bulldog, canary dog...I love dogs!:heart:

    Have a persian cat again! Had 2!:heart:
    Have kids!
    Travel MORE! Hawaii, Europe again, Asia, the Galapagos Islands...
    Open a Roth IRA

    Buy our dream lot 15+ acres (in rural Mass.) & build our dream home!

    Things that I am doing that I want to continue...
    No car payments
    Law School! YIKES!
    And... of course my signature "trying to save more, spend less"!:p
  2. *Take my horse to the Pat Parelli Horse Camp in Colorado

    *buy our TW Lewis dream house with SO

    *Open up my own animal rescue

    *upgrade E-ring to 3 Carat Round from Harry Winston or Tiffany
  3. What's a TW lewis house?
  4. make a difference to someone

    own a house

    have kids

    adopt three dogs

    get some more turtles

    travel all of europe
  5. I've always wanted to at least drive a Ferrari before I die. I'm realistic and realize I might never own one, but I plan on driving one eventually.

    I can't think of anything else specific.
  6. I want to see my son all grown up and happy.

    I want to travel as much as possible and see as many things as I can.
  7. Start family (we're trying to adopt)
    Get in touch w/ some old friends (hopefully soon)

    Own a cobra car - it's going to be a kit car thou
    Upgrade wedding ring (dh's ring was more than mine):crybaby:
    Take mom/aunt to Sicily & Italy

    Thanks for making me think about this again.
  8. 6 mo. world cruise - in next 5 years

    See the foundation we're planning get up & running.
  9. You're so welcome! Thanks for sharing! Great Goals!:woohoo:
  10. -Have an old, beautiful Tudor house

    -Have a huge room that is essentially a library of antique books and ugly/face jugs!

    -Travel with SO to several countries

    -Since I do not plan to have children, I would like a play room for my Chi's :biggrin: I want to always be able to give them excellent care, and a really happy life

    -To take a number of lovely vacations with my Mom, Dad, and sister, to places that we'd all enjoy.

    -Grow a successful veggie garden

    -Own Birkins and Bolides and Kellys in all of the colors that I want (Braise, Rose Shocking, White, Turquoise, Raisin, Caramel, Black, Orange!). A closet of Hermes! :biggrin:

    -Have a full sized lovely walk in closet complete with tons of pretty lady like full skirts and dresses, with matching blouses and tops and cardigans (so southern belle :rolleyes:) Tons of cute kitten heels and jewelry!

    -To be able to run my Dad's business successfully once he retires

    -Some how I have this deep desire to do dangerous crab fishing in Alaska, though I know I'd be the first to die or go overboard. I think that's the hardcore tomboy in me, hehe

    -To travel to Paris, Spain, and Greece for the sole purpose of eating the food!!!

    I'm sure there is more, heh

  11. LOL sorry! Its a builder of semi custom houses in Arizona:p

    They build really beautiful tuscany-style houses!!:drool:
  12. Neeya--LOVE your Chi play room idea!! :smile:
  13. Hehe I saw it on tv at some point, a lady had built an entire room for her small doggies, and it was adorable! Lots of comfy furniture, toys, a little window with curtains, a stream of fresh water to drink from, so cute!
  14. I've had a pretty good life so far, so I can't complain.
    Sky diving.
    Own my own island in the south Pacific.
    Learn to play piano
    Own my own plane.
    Have my own talk show.
    Make a billion dollars.
  15. -Travel as much as possible
    -Be a movie extra
    -Get a dog
    -Have an indoor swimming pool
    -Meet Prince Harry/William
    -Swim with dolphins

    talk about random :biggrin: