What do you want Santa to bring you this year?!

  1. Here's my list:

    - silk pillowcases (weird, I know!)
    - Tiffany's ten strand heart necklace
    - digital camera
    - lots of stuff from MAC!
    - Anthropologie giftcard
    - LV or Chanel wallet (maybe...don't know which one I want yet!)

    What about you?!:graucho:
  2. I want a DS lite! and a Chanel GST (maybe)
  3. Honestly.... for my boyfriend to get a break and get a job. Poor guy, been trying so hard and yeah.

    Other than that, maybe the holiday lipgloss set from MAC. Money.

    And a balenciaga (now that's a DREAM!)
  4. I want to sleep late and go out to a nice dinner with my hubby, come home to a clean, quiet home and watch a movie, stay up as late as I want and sleep late the next morning!..............................................Yes, I have children. Yes, I don't get much sleep. Yes, it is very loud at my house. and No, my children don't like to clean up after themselves!!! .......................................

    Is this to much to ask for????
  5. Have lots of baby stuff to buy so me and DH made up our minds... I'm getting a new bag and wallet (have really no idea at all which one I want yet). And he's getting an English Bulldog puppy.
  6. More bags and Tiffany jewelry!!(Frank Gehry collection preferably)
  7. hehe i love this
    here's my list

    1. chanel bag :smile: hehehe
    2. tiffany's jewelry
  8. i want my 1st ever chanel bag :yahoo: and maybe a few eyeshadows from mac
  9. -get my laptop fixed and a wireless router to go with it
    -motorola razor phone
    -lots of flat shoes
    -new hobo bag
    -hair treatment gift certificates
    -lots of money to spend on fine dining and great food

    and a sweet guy please :p
  10. a new job:hysteric:

  11. This is the universal wish of parents. A good one at that.
  12. I'd like a Bottega Hobo, and new office furniture.
  13. A baby!!! And to be healthy!
  14. I'd like Santa to bring me some great job prospects for the new year. My internship ends in May, so I'm going to need a real gig mid-year...
  15. A gift card to the mall, and or cash. I'm very easy to "shop" for.