What do you want in your future ?

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  1. Theses are my plans in the future
    1. I want to have children (I want to have a baby) someday
    2. I want to get married
    3. I want to be famous (famous designer,celeb)
    4. I want to design outfits for celebrities especially (Victoria Beckham):love:
    5. Have alot of money (as a celeb...I will be rich lol) I can buy all of the designer bags I want lol.
    6. I want to have a big walk in closet, in my mansion one day...as a famous person.
    7.I want to have my fashion shows in New York City, Paris and many more

    and many more things I want in my future :love:
  2. Didn't you already post this? :shrugs:
  3. huh no.
  4. All yeah, I did in my handbag thread sorry lol :Push:
  5. Duplicate Thread
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.