What Do You Want For Xmas?

  1. Hello TPFers :smile: Christmas is just around the corner and I was wondering what you guys want for Christmas.
  2. I want my dad's hip surgury to go smoothly. That's it. Send him good thoughts if you read this. : )
  3. Good health for me and my family!
  4. Within reason? :P

    1. Popcorn popper
    2. Iced tea maker
    3. Williams-Sonoma pot holders
    4. Martha Stewart's new housekeeping book
    5. Digital camera (mine doesn't seem to take great pics anymore)

    The more lofty:
    1. LV denim speedy
    2. Fendi B bag
    3. A down payment for a condo!

    The gut wrenching:
    1. A cure for Parkinson's, so my Dad doesn't have to suffer symptoms anymore
  5. :smile: You just brought a smile to my face. He'll be in my prayers :smile:
  7. Well, for a girl like me who usually loves to shop, I want surprisingly little come Christmas time. Its much more important to hubby and I that our two daughters have a really special day, and for us all to be happy, that means everything to me on Christmas day :smile:

    the bags and shoes can wait for the Jan sales ;)
  8. Since I love tv, I'd like...

    -Seasons 1 and 2 of Desperate Housewives
    -Season 2 of Veronica Mars (Have season 1)
    -Season 3 of Gilmore Girls (I have seasons 1-2, 4-6 lol)
    -Seasons 1 and 2 of Project Runway

    I think that's it for tv...I know I'll only get a few of them but still, it's what I want. haha

    I wouldn't mind a new purse either, probably LV.
  9. first, i want things to be back the way it was with me and my bf.
    second, i want a chanel coco cabas vinyl XXL :P
  10. One word: MONEY.

    And of course, good family and kitty health, happiness, all that good stuff ;)
  11. I Want To Be Pregnant......conceive Before The End Of The Year.......that Would Be The Absolute Best Present Ever.
  12. I want a Azur Speedy and wallet. Anything else I get is fine, but that I really like.
  13. [​IMG]
    (The furry one, ok)

    Target : FurReal Butterscotch Pony
    What a bargain!
    I also want, in no particular order, something from coach, a nice and cute boy, laptop memory, a Dwight Bobblehead, the Office ornament and The Office calender. haha. :smile:
  14. he he, my daughters saw this pony too! its huge!!! :biggrin:
  15. Hmm... my realistic christmas wishes - new pair of converse, pair of steve maddens, and some new socks. maybe a new pair of jeans too.

    the stuff I really want but won't get - LV bolt key ring, pair of chocolate tall Uggs, money to pay off my credit card, my grandpa to talk again.
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