What do you want for VDay?

  1. I have been hinting to my fiancee about getting a new bag...he says I just got one, which I did my black Carly, BUT it was for an even exchange so it doesn't count! :yes: lol But what I want for VDay is the white stripe Heritage satchel because I absolutely adore it. BUUUUTTT when PCE comes around the price would be around $250 and that is awesome and I can get the matching wallet. Maybe I want a chocolate large Carly? Hmmmm something to think about I guess.. So what does everyone else want?
  2. My DH back. Oh and the VDay framed wristlet or those cute little heart earrings :love: (but they'll have to be a late VDay present)
  3. I'm not really wanting anything right now, which is a good thing since I am trying to pay off debt! :rolleyes: I am excited though for March because I just got a credit at Coach for $425.00 (unrepairable bag) and we are going to California for my kids' Spring Break and I am definitely going to hit the outlets and stores and maybe pick up something.. without it hitting the ole' pocketbook!!!! :tup:
  4. I want to be able to go out with DH without the kids for a few hours. Something from Coach would be nice but I am not expecting it, since I got a bag, a scarf, and two charms within the past 2 months. I don't want candy though, I am trying to stick to the old "lifestyle change"
  5. I warned my fiancee that if he gives me candy I will kill him! I am trying to stick to my lil diet and he always seems to find something to throw me off it. I can't eat Coach so I told him a bag would be okay...I guess! lol
  6. I'm asking for the heart earrings and a nice dinner out. We cant go out on valentines day though ... my hubby works for a restaurant.. mandatory scheduling that day :sad:
  7. I would love one of the heart scarves cauce I just got a black ergo for our anniversary and I think it would look cute on it!
  8. I cant think of one Coach thing I want.....I just feel so privelaged to have what I have after my big "trash" day IYKWIM:shame: I bought myself the Valentines wristlet a couple of days ago, so I'll consider that what I would have wanted:tup:
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. I am getting a maid service for Valentine's Day. They start this Friday (just in time for my Superbowl Party!) and will come once a week.

    I'm so excited!!! It's the perfect V-Day gift and I'll remember it every week I walk into my spotless home!

    (I think I've got my profile just about complete now - we'll see how it shows up this post)
  11. What I want is a 06 pond legacy shoulder bag.. but what I will have is a pair of cute earing which I love too:love:
  12. That is PERFECT! "Honey, it's no points so it won't ruin my Weight Watcher's progress" :roflmfao:
  13. Same thing at my restaraunt. I have to work ALL day! I am so upset...:crybaby:

  14. Exactly! No calories, no fat perfect lil treat!

  15. Something red!
    perhaps a chili carly :drool: if that isnt in the budget then i'd like