What do you want for valentine's day???

  1. Well we posted what you're getting your SO....but what about you? What would you like to get?
  2. Hermes Birkin! I don't think that I'll get that lucky though.:shrugs:
  3. just dinner with my hubby. i haven't been on a real dress up date in for-ev-er.
  4. Lexus, Birkin, Trips to Paris and Hawaii :biggrin:
  5. I told hubby I want clothes.
  6. an engagement ring would be nice but im waaay too young :p i'd be happy with flowers since its been a while. also maybe something small and sparkly!
  7. This may sound corny but I'd like to meet my true love. :love:
  8. Not corny at all Amina!!! :smile:

    I never celebrate V-Day with hubby. In fact, I pretty much forbid him from buying me anything, even a card. I'm not very sentimental I don't think because I don't really push for celebrating our wedding anniversary either. lol Our moms have to call and remind us!!!

    But around V-day we're going up to the mountains so I'm really looking forward to that. :smile:
  9. Lol, not that much, eh ;)
  10. drat, double post
  11. I really want the LV inclusion ring...my s.o. would get off cheap...but he thinks it looks like something that came out of a bubble gum machine. I'll ask my little girl to get it for me (with his money..hahaha).
  12. To snuggle with the hubby. Thats all.
  13. mind blowing sex with phh????

    OK..diamond studs..which..eh..hem..I may have already picked out...rofl
  14. Me and DH don't really do V-Day either!!! Usually we just take the kids somewhere nice for dinner!! ALthough, maybe I will buy myself a few things and call it Valentine's gifts!!
  15. Love. :love:

    J/k lol..I don't really ever ask for anything...but if I do get anything I don't turn it down :graucho: