What do you usually wear when you buy a new Chanel Handbag?

  1. I know this question is quite stupid but I’m just wondering what do you guys wear when buying a new Chanel Handbag over the Chanel boutique? Any preferences at all?
  2. Honestly, I don't go out of my way to dress up to go to boutiques. I go to the chanel boutique very casual jeans, sneakers, and sweater and the SAs there are always nice to me. Ive also seen women wear pajama pants in the chanel boutique.
  3. If I know I'm heading out to bloor street (where all the designer boutiques are in toronto) for shopping that day, I tend to dress a bit better. I do put on some makeup and carry a nicer handbag.

    Sometimes I just go there on impulse and look like a bum. I dont get as good service..but who cares. I'm the one paying.
  4. my normal clothes - casual - a tee, seven jeans and rainbow flip flops. dont get much service but there are a few that are nice regardless of the way i dress and it is those who i always call back and buy from.
  5. depends on how comfortable I am with the store I'm heading to; I sometimes go in looking like a bum (but only if my SA is there) otherwise I try to look a bit more "normal" hehe...not as bummish.
  6. I wear whatever I am wearing that day. I tend to pit stop between job sites, so it can range from sneakers and jeans to work boots and jeans. On the weekends or days off, sweats.
    The only thing I make sure I have on is a fabulous bag and watch because in the constrution industry you really can't get that dressed-esp when you are on site visits all day.
  7. Jeans, nice bag, casual blouse or tee, ballet flats.
  8. Mainly, whatever I feel like wearing -- so it may range between juicy sweatpants, jeans, or work suits
  9. I don't go out of my way to look spectacular- no ball gowns!:p But, I just make sure that I am comfortable w/ how I look. Usually jeans, a cashmere sweater, nice shoes but comfy. I make sure I do my make-up & I wear my nicer jewelry. Some SA's definitely size you up!:yucky: But, usually IMHO as long as you are friendly they are too. I can only imagine the snobby b*tches they have to deal w/ all the time. So I just try to be normal & down to earth! As long as your comfortable w/ what you're wearing they should be too!:yes:
  10. Fun question!

    I usually wear something casual (because I always tend to be dressed casually). Jeans, a casual shirt, ballet flats and a nice bag. :heart:

    Random thought - I still do feel intimidated going into those stores (even though I buy from them). I do not know why I feel this way :confused1:
  11. whatever I have on!:lol:
    I don't dress up or doing anything differently. I have gone to the boutique or NM straight from the gym before.
  12. My PJ's...LOL...cuz I'm usually buying online or over the phone! ;)
  13. Really depends on how I feel that day, but mostly what I normally wear on the weekends: COH jeans, casual shirt, heels, and a nice bag. Nothing fancy.
  14. I don't dress up to go there, I'm very casual...jeans, Juicy track suits......whatever I'm comfortable in. I usually go to the same boutique, and they know me there, so I could walk in wearing a hefty bag and I'd get great service.
  15. I don't go out of my way either. I always have a nice bag on though. I don't care what they think. If I'm there to buy, I will insist on their help and then buy it elsewhere if they're rude. I refuse to be afraid to go into any boutique. If they're snobby, it will be their loss. There are plenty of really nice and helpful SA's that I will use.