What do you usually put inside your Medium Classic Flaps / Reissue?

  1. I know this is a small handbag but what do you usually put inside it whenever you use them?

    Can you please post some pics if possible? THanks!
  2. sad to say, my wallet is actually too large for my medium flap:sweatdrop:, so i just bring my credit cards + EFTPOS/ATM card and perhaps $50... then there's my mobile phone, some makeup, keys, and really that's it!
  3. Credit card holder, phone, keys, filled makeup bag, mints, mini hand cream, pillbox and a hair clip. Sometimes a protein bar too.
  4. I bought a small wallet just for use with my small bags because I don't think you could get a full size wallet into a medium flap. Wallet, coin purse, phone, mints and some makeup is about it. I can also get my keys in there as well, but they're laying around somewhere so they didn't make it into the photo.

    Are you thinking of buying one? I think it's such a great bag, even though it doesn't hold a ton.
    IMG_0585_8x6.jpg IMG_0587_8x6.jpg
  5. ^wow, i can't get nearly that much into mine! maybe because i have the stiffer caviar leather one?
  6. i used mine for the first time yesterday. i bought a smaller chanel wallet since my every day wallet is huge. i got my cambon wallet, cell phone, small mirror, lv multicles for my keys, lipstick, concealer, chanel business card case, groom cles and i think that's all in it.... i didn't want to over stuff it and make it bulge.
  7. i don't have a big wallet to begin with, i use the Lv Koala wallet, so it fits fine in the bag and plus i can put in my cellphone and keys. i don't carry very much with me at all times.
  8. I used mine for the 1st time the other day also. I was able to put a small wallet, cell phone, lipstick and gloss and my keys on a LV keychain...I normally carry a lot more than that soooo I am looking for a larger Chanel bag in a summer color, maybe a jumbo or a expandable flap??:heart:
  9. wow there really isn't much room is there! How much biggeri s the large?
  10. the large is jumbo, which should be able to fit a sunglasses case. and the expandable is definitely alot roomier.