What do you use your wapity for?

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  1. I've noticed alot of people own the wapity... What do you use it for? A camera case? Accessories pouch? Small clutch? Does it hold alot? :confused1:
  2. Try these:
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    Try searching wapity in this subforum! P'fers have posted a lot of helpful info and pics.
  3. i use my mc white wapity for a wristlet....i can fit cell, some cards, ipod nano, dollars, lipgloss, and change....i would take a pic for you, but my wapity is in Californa, because the print rubbed off... :sad:
  4. I use a black mc wapity for my camera and a mono wapity for running errands. Love them, they hold quite a bit. You can search for a lot of threads where members have pictures of what their wapity's can hold. I've really got my money's worth out of these 2 pieces.
    Picture 007.jpg
  5. Running errands
    camera case
    cell phone case
    ipod case
  6. I use my white MC wapity to hold stuff like, small mirror, chapstick, eyedrops, blotting paper, floss, and hand sanitizer... so it's basically my accessories pouch in my bigger bags.
  7. I use it for my camera.

  8. are you getting it repaired???
  9. if i had the wapity, i would definitely use it as a camera case!
  10. I use mine as a camera case...

    But I was just thinking, how cool would a Vernis Wapity be? :drool:
  11. My makeup
  12. nothing....it sits at home all day lol
  13. camera/chapstick/extra memory cards
  14. Everytime I see one of these threads it makes me want a wapity that much more