What do you use your wapity for?

  1. Hey all! Anyone here have a wapity? I bought a wapity when they first came out (in mono) to house my camera, but my camera was stolen and the camera I'm now using is too big to fit! So my question is, what do those of you who have one use it for? It's so darn cute and going to waste!
  2. I just got my Wapity on Thurs :heart: and have already used it 2 nights.

    I use it when I don't feel like carrying a whole bag - for example at a crowded bar or casino (like last night!). It can hold an amazing amount of stuff - for example, I put my credit card, license, cash, cell (flip phone), Mac blot powder compact and keys in it!!!!
  3. Use it as a wristlet for day or night.. stick some cash/cards in the pocket, then some keys, lipgloss and a compact and your set.


    Ditch the strap, put important things in it and stick it in your purse.

    or get a cam that fits it ;]
  4. Hahaha what a nifty idea - I don't know what I'd put in it to put in my bag though, lol. I already have an LV makeup bag that holds my junk... hmm...

    And yeah, I so need to get a new camera (my camera was stolen - it was a 3 month old nikon, the NEW one, with a freakin memory card and EVERYTHING! :rant:) but right now I'm ending up my junior year in college and have had no job this whole semester - so I'm freaking broker than a joke man. :shocked:

    Hmm..a wristlet is a good idea! I always lose my stuff at the bar because I refuse to bring a bag :blink:
  5. lol
  6. I like using it when I go to bars, clubbing etc.
  7. i use mine to keep all my crap in, and to keep my pockets free. i hate stuff in my pockets. so cards, id, money, ipod / cellphone (they alternate.. they're the only things allowed in my pockets) and keys.
  8. I read a thread about someone belting their wapity? Can you do that? I haven't seen the real one yet, but is there a place for you to hang it off your belt?
  9. no but if you buy a pochette strap (sold seperately) and loop it through your belt you can loop it through the "D" ring on the wapity.