What do you use your Ulysse for?

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  1. I went to Hermes Faubourg today, and originally I was there to contemplate the globe-trotter zips, which I LOVE!

    However once in front of all the agendas and notebooks I fell in love with the Ulysse, with its rough Togo cover... As the SA explained to me, on the inside, which is unlined, you can really see the color saturation...

    For instance the raisin one looked very dark on the outside, but on the inside it looked very purple :heart: It was also so soft and just marvelous... :love: It's also cheap! (90-120 euros).

    So for those of you who have one, what do you use it for? Since it's so soft doesn't it get all mushed inside your bag?

    Thanks for your answers and feel free to share pics :girlsigh: !
  2. I use mine as a notebook, I just bought the plain paper insert. With the paper in the cover it holds its shape very well. Mine is orange and I love it.
  3. I bet orange looks awesome! Do you carry it everywhere with you?
  4. Thanks! You convinced me...:sneaky: Now I need to choose the color... I think I will take the medium one... or the small? :upsidedown:

    Anyone else want to share? :flowers:
  5. I have an orange one as well. I use it as a notebook and on the first page I have important #'s and addresses. :flowers:
  6. I use it with plain paper for notes as well. Same here too - forgetful!!
  7. I had one in vert anis. The color was gorgeous but I didn't use it ever (so I sold it). But, it sure made a pretty pop of color inside my bags!
  8. That's a good idea about important numbers etc on the first page... See, I need this in fact! :P Thanks guys you have totally justified my purchase! I will buy as soon as I lose a couple of pounds! (incentive!) :sweatdrop:
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