What do you use your small agenda mostly for?

What do you use your small agenda mostly for? I finally got to take a look at it yesterday and it's really cute, but I also noticed that the ring size is extremely small that it appears it probably won't be able to hold much at all. Probably an address book and then that's it.
I use mine as a wallet. I can fit a calendar, note sheets, a plastic folder and a plastic zipper envelope. I also have a plastic credit card insert for additional cards.
Love it!
I use mine as an agenda - with the day on a page inserts, I don't have trouble writing stuff down. I only have a couple months at a time in there, though. I love my small agenda! It's a great size for fitting in everything!
The small, as in the pm? It's not that tiny. i use it for everything - school assignments, apts, apt cards, important sheets get folded and put into the pockets, blank pages in the back for grocery lists - i love that thing.
I was using mine as a wallet, but then my multicolore Koala wallet got sad so I went back to just using the agenda as a planner again.
Do you ladies with agendas think the PM is more practical than the mini? I think the mini in vernis is too cute for words but I'm wondering if I can get more bang for the buck with the PM:yes: THANKS!! :flowers:
use it as a planner. can't go anywhere without my agenda! :yes: I bought a cutesy refill for mine :heart: