What do you use your small agenda mostly for?

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  1. What do you use your small agenda mostly for? I finally got to take a look at it yesterday and it's really cute, but I also noticed that the ring size is extremely small that it appears it probably won't be able to hold much at all. Probably an address book and then that's it.
  2. I use mine as a wallet. I can fit a calendar, note sheets, a plastic folder and a plastic zipper envelope. I also have a plastic credit card insert for additional cards.
    Love it!
  3. The small? It can fit an address book plus agenda sheets. The rings may look small, but I think it holds quite a bit.
  4. I use mine as an agenda - with the day on a page inserts, I don't have trouble writing stuff down. I only have a couple months at a time in there, though. I love my small agenda! It's a great size for fitting in everything!
  5. The small, as in the pm? It's not that tiny. i use it for everything - school assignments, apts, apt cards, important sheets get folded and put into the pockets, blank pages in the back for grocery lists - i love that thing.
  6. Yah, I use my PM for everything...a combination of wallet and agenda :smartass:
  7. I was using mine as a wallet, but then my multicolore Koala wallet got sad so I went back to just using the agenda as a planner again.
  8. Do you ladies with agendas think the PM is more practical than the mini? I think the mini in vernis is too cute for words but I'm wondering if I can get more bang for the buck with the PM:yes: THANKS!! :flowers:
  9. Does Louis Vuitton sell the day on a page inserts?
  10. Im using my agenda PM as a normal planner:yes: Can't live without it!!!
  11. I was thinking if I shld get a agenda...but I already hav a Palm PDA. Hard to choose.. Lol
  12. Yes, they sell one day per page, lol
  13. use it as a planner. can't go anywhere without my agenda! :yes: I bought a cutesy refill for mine :heart:
  14. I love the agenda refill! Especially the transparent tabs!! Did u get it from ebay? :yes: If so, what's the name of the seller? Thanks!
  15. Yes, I bought it on ebay. The seller's name is trinityd27. Very nice and friendly seller, even wrote a personalized thank-you letter! :love: