what do you use your Scuola's for?

  1. Besides school that is?
  2. I use my new one (Spiaggia) for school and for transporting clothes to and from work. But I love it so much for school. :heart:
  3. Staying over at family or friend's overnite when I don't need a big bag like a Trenino.
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:You beat me to the answer...this is what I was gonna say since Scuola = School in Italian!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    My friend tokidokilover used hers in Disneyland and her and Robotkitten :heart: their scuolas!! They use them for everything!
  5. I use mine as a diaper bag for my boys sometimes. Especially if I'm not using a stroller that way I can just tote it on my back and keep my hands free. As far as a changing pad, I just stick one of my cucciolo changing pads in it.
  6. I bought a scuola to use when I ride my motorcycle. I haven't been practicing so I'm still a newbie at riding :crybaby:

    Oh and I remember when I first started posting here, I was really fixed on getting my plain helmet airbrushed with Toki characters. I have yet to find a good airbrush artist who is local. There are a bunch on the internet, but I'd have to ship my helmet to them and the cost starts at around $300, depending on what you want done. One guy did really nice skulls, dragons and other tattoo looking helmet art, but then he did a Hello Kitty on a helmet and it looked odd to me. I will find someone though!
  7. I use it as a travel bag along with my trenino -- between the two bags I can fit enough for 4-5 days. It's also great for all-day excursions to Disney, SeaWorld, etc, especially when you have kids and need to tote a lot of stuff around (snacks, hats, sunscreen, etc) and want to keep your hands free.
  8. Ooh, ladybugpoop, you ride a motorcycle! That is so cool! Maybe you should get the Vespa Monkey on a helmet, that would be cute.
  9. Will you wear this shirt while riding? :tup:
  10. haha! You guys are so funny =) I think the Vespa monkey would be so cute on a helmet!

    I like the motorcycle-girl T-shirt to =) I wear a leather jacket with body armor so if I did wear the T-shirt, nobody would see it =(

    Oh and I have a OP scuola because I love the cactus kids =)
  11. wow would your OP scuola get dirty if you used it a lot while riding? :confused1:
  12. I hope Scotchguard would help...at least if it starts raining while you ride a motorcycle, the scotchguard should help, right?
  13. I'll let you know what happens once I use it more. I'm a real newbie at riding and I stopped going out once it heated up for summer. Fall is right around the corner so it will be more comfortable for me to ride.

    Scotchgard seems to work, so far... I haven't been riding while it's raining yet and I hope I never do! lol I used to ride mopeds in Hawaii and I've been caught out in the rain soo many times! It's so miserable! The Hawaii girls will tell you that mopeds are very popular in Honolulu =)

    I think I got the OP scuola for $99 off of eBay BIN so that's not too bad. It had all the tags but it didn't come with Meomi. My only problem with it, is that it smelled like smoke when I first got it =( I just aired it out in the hallway for a week and now it's okay hehe
  14. i have a tutti backpack and an adios star backpack =]
    its really the only tokidoki backpack a guy could wear
    and not to mention, the only ones i would wear hahaha.

    they're niice though, i use them for everything
    sleepovers, school, traveling, conventions like comic con so i have something
    nice to carry all my goodies and uhh thats it hahaa
  15. I use our inferno scuola for our baby bag, with a matching changing pad from a cucciolo. I love it! My hubby refuses to be caught dead carrying it if he takes the kids out, and will switch the stuff into a Transformer's backpack instead. : )