What do you use your scarf/bandeau for?

  1. I've been thinking about getting an LV scarf...but I was wondering what most people do with them? I know some tie them around their bags...I don't use big bags so I wouldn't be using it like this. Do people ties them around their neck or hair as headbands or hairties? How about using them as belts? Does anyone know how much a white MC bandeau costs? I checked elux but it was not listed. Thanks.:smile:
  2. you mean the thin one? i believe it's 120 or 130. i just bought the red fleurs and i was looking at the mc ones. the lv sa btw said the white mc was his fave. there's a thread on the general bag board about what to do with these. the sa told me you can wear it on your bag, as a belt, as a scarf. i know you can also put it in your hair. the thread i mentioned gave a great tip about tieing it INTO a hair elastic so it won't fall out. you can also wear it as a headband or around your wrist as a bracelet though i think it's a little long for that. the SA and i were joking about all the uses and how we would have to make some up like ankle bracelets in the summer. i bought mine to use on my bags though
  3. I think it's $125 for the MC since they're satin (I have both white and black) and my Groom ones were $110 apiece since they're cotton. I also have the fuchsia Perfo one..I love them all!
    I use mine as either a belt-ish thing though there isn't much that hangs down when you do that.
    I also wear it in my hair and I think I might have been the one who gave that tip hlfinn, lol. I put my hair back into an elastic headband that looks similar to a bra strap, then put the scarf around that, tie it just below my left ear and it looks adorable! I posted a picture of my fuchsia perfo one in my hair awhile ago on the Visual Aids thread :yes:
  4. 140$CAD last time I bought it.
    I have some pix of me wearing it in diff ways, but i'm on my mom's comp now and have no access to my comp. If you need pix you can PM me.
  5. Thanks guys....I may just have to get one then.:smile:
  6. OH! I must go and look for that pic! I've been eyeing the MC for a while, and I wanted to use it as a hair scarf.. but I'm worried about it falling off. :nuts:
  7. i found it!!! ;) i "borrowed" the pic Rebecca!!! you look absolutely CUTE and gorgeous!:heart: :heart: :heart:

    i use mine like this --- but Lvbabydoll is so much better model, so here is a great pic for you guys!! :p

    i originally bought scarfs to wear on my bags, they are pretty cute and usful!:love:
  8. I wear mine in my hair and also tie it onto my speedy handles
  9. Lol aww thanks Sophia! I wish I would have been able to flip flop the pic haha..oh well. I just love wearing them in my hair..I never thought I could, now I love it :love:
  10. i have the black MC bandeau, i want to use it in my hair but havnt yet. I have worn it as a belt and it looked great. one of my friends asked 'is that a LV dress' hahah!! i could try find a pic but i dont think any of them show it very well
  11. woohoo I got my comp back! lol:yahoo:
    Here ya go
    Nov16.ChampsElyseesbandeau.tiewrist.jpg Nov16.ChampsElyseesbandeau.waist.jpg
  12. I have a fuchsia perfo bandeau and so far, I've used it on my bag and my waist. Will try it on my hair and neck next time. :p Love mine and never regret gotten it at all! You should get one too. :yes:
  13. I tie them on my bags , tie them on my wrist and wear them as headbands. I love them.. the white and black mc are my faves
  14. Thanks guys for all the cute pics....I will definitely have to get one soon, probably the white MC one next time I visit LV.:yes:
  15. I tie them on my bag handles, or sometimes to my ponytail. It always looks cute.