What do you use your Sac Plat bag for?

  1. Can it be an everyday bag? Is it mainly a work bag?
  2. If I had one, I would try to use it for an everyday bag. However, I do not carry very much. For me, the bag is too vertical and it looks like there is wasted space. This is just my opinion, and yes, I do love the bag.
  3. I had one too. I sold it because it's not very large, you just can put files inside, it's not soft enough to put things of different shapes. I found it rather heavy.
  4. Thats probably my next vuitton purchase. It looks amazing to go shopping with.
  5. Is that a priscilla you have here in your collection ?
  6. I was going to purchase the Mono Sac Plat for work but when I finally saw it in the store, it looked unbelieveably plain to me with the very simple and pale interior. I also tried the Damier version, and absolutely loved the beautiful red interior :love: but according to my fiancé the the bag looked way too wide and masculine for my feminine frame. :s I guess he was right.

    Remember the SATC episode where Samantha is waiting to get an appointment at the cancer clinic and she finally got it? She carried a black Epi Sac Plat and it looked nice and professional. I might try the Epi one next time. :upsidedown:
  7. Bag Fetish,

    Yes, it's the MC Priscilla.
  8. I am getting one strictly for my papers. I can't see it being a comfortable every day bag. JMHO.
  9. Same here. :yes:

    Does anyone have the smaller version of the Damier Sac Plat, called Venice? Jennifer Lopez carried her papers in a Venice, in the 'Wedding Planner' movie. This one had a zipper closure so I wouldn't have to be afraid to drop any papers on the streets, but I'm wondering if it would be too small for work.
  10. Oooo can you post pic's I havent seen a black one? Do you have pic's on the showcase ?

    Back to topic, I think it would be a great work bag if you carry a lot of paper work/files home. Perhaps when shopping if you're carrying a lot of smaller bags.
  11. Bag Fetish,

    Here're the pictures of the MC Priscilla:


    Back to topic, I'm thinking about getting the cerises sac plat. I don't work and I'm not sure if the bag will fit into my everyday life.
  12. Great pic's. thanks.

    On topic you're right unless you have paper work to carry daily or weekly i dont see much use for it.
    since you're looking for the cerises its limited i'd get it. you know you'll always get your money back out of it. I would use it for shopping :smile:
  13. back when my BFF's little brother's were growing up, they each carried one for their piano books when they would go to their piano lessons :idea:
  14. I have the Damier Venice in a larger size, and it's a perfect, stylish laptop case.
  15. This same bag J.Lo had in 'The Wedding Planner'? :nuts: