What do you use your pouch for?

  1. I just got one for x mas. Its white leather with my fav green stripe down the middle. I have no clue how to use it.. It wont fit under my arm, do i just hold it? or carry it on my arm? I can fit my small leather wallet, wristlet with slim cam and maybe a small makeup bag in it. basically everything i put in my lrg ergo hehe.. :woohoo:
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  2. I use mine for just running into town when I don't need a whole big ole bag! I put a couple of wristlets, keys, cell phone and mini skinny in it. I carry it in my hand. It's more convenient for me than having to worry about a big bag. And you can throw these in bigger bags for travel etc. That ones really pretty! I love the green stripe down the center!
  3. so cute! I want one just for school. Im 16 and petite so I can wear it as a shoulder bag. If I had one I would carry:
    calculator (lol, TI's rule)
    glasses (I wear contacts but carry these just in case)
    feminine hygene, etc

    so yeah. Unfortuently Im carrying them all in my backpack right now but I want something cute. so I'll just wait :smile: hehe
  4. I use my pouch as a regular purse. I dont like big bags so its perfect for me. My pouch can fit
    cell phone
    mini skinny
    eye glass cleaner

    I think that is everything but as I said I like small bags which might change once I have children.
  5. I use it when I'm not carrying a lot...it fits a small wallet/skinny perfectly plus some lip gloss, my cell phone, and sometimes a camera.
  6. I use mine as a cosmetic pouch for overnights/travel, and when it's not storing makeup essentials, I use it for really quick trips when I know I don't need a big purse- bookstores, libraries, grocery store, etc.
  7. if one of the straps are removable on one of the sides, you can extend the strap with one of their key fobs, the one with the lobster claw hook on one hand and the key chain ring on the other? i made that sound so much more complicated lol
  8. lol! thats what i do to mine so i can wear it over my shoulder without it hanging right under my armpit!
  9. i havfe a gold one and i use it for evening- wallet, lipstick, keys and phone, and dangle it from my wrist.
  10. OMG thats a great idea lol. I have a demi in this green and well it looks outdated.. i dislike the tan leather on it. White and green looks so much cleaner. I am worried about carrying under my arm because its white and well colors tend to bleed onto white leather... now i have a huge tote and a little pouch.. what should i use hehe :yahoo::yahoo:
  11. anyone have a picture of the extra clasp to make the strap longer on the pouch? i was looking at my pouch and i noticed in the middle of the strap its thicker so if i add something to the side it will be not even.. like the thicker side will be far to one side.
  12. I have a black signature one and it was the first coach I ever bought (2 years ago). I use it if I am just going to have my cell phone and wristlet. It makes a good doing out to dinner/movie purse. It can hang easily on your chair while eating dinner that way it doesn't get dirty on the floor and you can just put it on your lap during the movie.
  13. I just got one for Xmas, and i just hold it in the elbow part where my arm beds. I usually just switch up my bags every now and then, and I can usually fit a wristlet, coin purse, mini, cell, and maybe some lipgloss or chapstick in there as well.