What do you use your pouch for?

  1. Looking for a wristlet now to carry when I don't want to carry a larger bag - like when going to my daughter's concerts/sporting events/out to eat/casino... Wanted one to fit my cell and my camera but they seem too small.

    Would a pouch be something to carry similar to a wristlet? I've never really looked at them before -- they seem rather 'young-looking' to me... wonder if I'm too old to carry one?

    Or are they used for inside a larger bag?:shrugs:
  2. I have a couple pouches - I just use them as a regular purse when I don't want to carry a huge thing, and for when wristlets just aren't big enough to hold what I want to tote.
  3. P.S. - I've been able to stuff quite a bit of stuff into mine (wallet, cell phone, cosmetics, ipod). They are much bigger than they look.
  4. Thanks for the reply! I just discovered the Demi bags on the website, too!

    I never ever look at these small ones - :p - it's all new to me!
  5. If you just want it for your phone and your camera maybe you could try the universal carrying case?
    I can't get onto eBay and I can't find it on the website, but I have it and it's wonderful.
  6. I am carrying a multi-stripe pouch right now! I am usually a huge purse person. I think it is kind of cool to just have a little bag! I have cell phone, mini-skinny (matching), pen, comb, lip gloss, small wallet. It holds a lot.
  7. i usually like big bags too, but i bought the legacy leather in pink and Love its shape/size. I think the pouch in legacy is for all ages btw.
  8. Whenever I am trying to decide on something, I go to the website, and put all the pics, names, prices and measurements of the ones I like in a Word document and then print it out to look at it.

    Right now I have a page of nine pouches/demis and can't decide! LOL!

    I'm torn between the Sig multistripe pouch; Hamptons pouch with the little flower applique, the signature stripe demi and the Carly signature pouch! :rolleyes:

    I can't believe I never paid any attention to these cute smaller bags before!