What do you use your pochette for?

  1. I have a pochette that I use a lot - to go out, for small stuff etc.
    But I just bought my MIL a pochette for Christmas and now I am second guessing it. She doesn't go out a lot and when she does go shopping etc. she carries a pretty heafty bag.
    Arrrgh - what do you use your pochette for?
    Thanks =)
  2. i just bout my MIL a pochette as well. :tup: i'm hoping she can use it as an organizer of small items or makeup in her (also hefty) everyday bags...and then she can use it as a clutch when she needs to. i can't seem to decide on mono, damier or damier azur, though - i bought a mono but am second guessing that!
  3. I use mine when I want to carry a smaller bag. Or I put it in my bigger bags to organize things.
  4. My daughter uses the pochettes everyday, they really are too small for me.
  5. I use mine as a camera bag!:smile:
  6. i use mine sometimes in my neverfull for makeup or recipets or other junk. or as a going out bag :smile:
  7. I have 2 pochette's, a mono pochette and a azur mini pochette.

    I use the azur mini pochette in my bag everyday as a make-up bag (Lip gloss, MAC pressed powder compact, small make-up brush and a MAC blush) .

    I don't use my mono pochette too often, but when I have it was for going out at night, to bars, dinners, clubs, or to just run to the store.
  8. I use mine for going out, but lately, I've mostly been using it as a pouch to keep some odds and ends in (like my USB drives, compact, cell phone, keys)...the regular stuff that would usually get lost in my purse. I think it's one of the best/useful accessories I've ever had!
  9. I was using mine in bigger bags to hold small items. Pens, papers,eye drops that sort of thing. Now it hiding him my pj drawer not being used.

    I guess I would use it more if i had a bolt key holder, that way the strap would be longer and I use it a small bag.
  10. I use mine when I go out to restaurants & a night out on the town
  11. I only use mine as a pouch to go inside my bigger bag.

    Which pochette did you get her?
  12. I use it within my bigger bags. I put my wallet, phone and keys in it and when I'm going to make a quick dash to the store, I just grab my pochette and use it as a clutch. I do carry REALLY BIG, heavy bags and it is more convenient IMO.
  13. I got her the Azur -- she's really honest though so if she can't use it I'll just get her something else ;)
  14. I have the Azur and I use it to go clubbing or out to dinner, etc. basically stuff when all you need are the true essentials: cell phone, CC, camera and lip gloss!
  15. Pochettes are my everyday bag! I love them. My 'goal' is to own every single one LV has made and will make. It holds my cles, mini agenda, gum, cell, gloss, and pen or pencil