What do you use your mini skinny for?

  1. Hi everyone! What do you use your mini skinnys for? I think they're cute but I dont understand their purpose- how are they different from a wristlet (other than that they hold less and you can't put them on your wrist?) What do you do with your mini that you cant do with your wristlet? Maybe I'm just missing something! :confused1:
  2. I use mine as my wallet. They hold quite a bit. My license and debit/credit card go in the outside pocket. I put about 7 other cards inside, along with some cash and a small bit of change.
  3. I was wondering the same thing I hope someone post something soon LOL!!
  4. I use mine as a mini wallet. I put my debit card on the outside pocket and change/cash on the inside. I then can grab it out of my purse for quick trips. I also can fit it into my jeans pocket so no need to have to hold onto something. I love my mini skinny. Its the wristlet that I do not understand-lol. For the life of me I cannot figure out what to use it for. Right now I just keep receipts in it. Otherwise its just a little big for my needs.
  5. I use my Skinny Mini as a Change purse, and If I need to just carry my wallet and an ID, I plan on using it as well, thou I have not had a chance yet.
    But maybe I will soon. My husband wants to take us to the beach this weekend.
  6. I used to use mine when I took the kids someplace icky, like a pizzeria or a zoo, and attached it to my keys!! Now I have a chocolate leather soho swingpack, so I use it as a wallet when I am using my swingpack b/c it is nice and flat!!!
  7. you can fit listerine pocket pak strips in it
  8. I usually use them if i'm just going out for a quik bit- i.e. the movies, etc...but sometimes i like to keep them with me in my main bag and use them to hold little trinkets, or receipts...whatever i feel like! :smile:
  9. i'm pretty sure someone already made a thread on this topic. i attach mine to my keys. inside, i keep a couple dollar bills, a bandaid, a hair tie, a copy of important cell phone numbers (it's saved my life before! sometimes when my phone battery dies or i forget my phone at home, i have a copy of those phone numbers. seriously, who memorizes phone numbers nowadays?), a most importantly...my train tickets for commuting into SF for work.

    i have one mini skinny and two wristlets. i use my mini skinny for mostly my train tickets. it's easy to grab from my purse's front pocket than looking for my wallet in my main purse compartment. i use my wristlets usually to hold my camera *and hopefully my future ipod*, and put it in my purse.

    i bought the mini skinny in the first place when i was in college. i lived in the dorms, so we always needed our student ID cards. it was such a pain to have to bring my wallet everywhere. so i got a mini skinny. it was so helpful!

    but honestly, now that i'm out of college, if i didn't need to take the train to work everyday, i'd probably never really use my mini skinny. to me, it's too small to use as a grab-and-go wallet. i don't like putting all my credit cards in it. then i have to pull them all out to find the one i'm looking for.

    sorry for rambling so much. lol
  10. I use my mini skinny as a wallet sometimes also. Especially in the heavier leather bags (it helps lighten them up.) I love to use the wristlet either a make up bag (ie lipstick etc) or just a catch all for the small stuff that winds up floating around in my bag. I even have a mini hair brush that fits in there. I just lay the handle(from the wristlet) in the bag and zip it up to it (that way it does not get in my way fumbling in my handbag.) I do have one wristlet (Chelsea) that the handle totally detaches. Now I do try to keep the wristlet on the smaller size (about 7 x 4 or less) this way it fits in the bag with no problem. If I don't feel up to taking my handbag...I just throw my mini-skinny into the wristlet and off I go. Works great for me.
  11. I have a mini skinny from YEARS ago and it's actually very useful when you want to carry your keys and just a card or 2, maybe your driver's license for ID and a few bucks. It tucks away in a pocket or backpack pocket and doesnt' take up space. I use mine whenever we go on bike rides, hiking - anywhere where I don't want to carry the whole wallet but need just a couple of essential things and emergency $$. But it definitely doesn't get regular rotation among my accessories.

    My wristlet I carry whenever I travel on a plane since it holds my ticket and passport around my wrist...that way I don't have to pull out my wallet every time I need to show ID at security, the gate, boarding, etc. which can be a hassle when I'm hauling my laptop bag, suitcase, and whatever else.
  12. I use my mini skinny as a mini wallet inside a larger bag. The wristlet is used as a tiny sling bag.
  13. I had seen on this forum someone who used them for keeping those cards you don't use all the time (your grocery store discount card for example). They really crowed up a wallet, and putting those in a skinny has worked wonderfully.
  14. Oh, skinny mini's are the best!!!

    I have two...I have one in my bag at all times...I carry my drivers license in the front pocket and all cash and coins in the zipper part.

    If I have my hands full, I use the key ring and hang it from my pinky finger. It frees up my hand to hold something if needed!
  15. That is a great idea! I have to fly in January...I'll be using my wristlet for that!! Thanks!