what do you use your mini HL for?

  1. The mini HL is a really cute bag, but it's too small for me to carry around. I could relate to carrying a wapity case because it's like a wristlet. I wonder what do people use the mini HL for?
  2. I've used my MC one on an anniversary dinner with DH. Then I gave it to my niece, LOL.
  3. My friend has one and she carries it every where, With a wallet and make up in it.
  4. I think they are cute but I could never carry it off.
  5. AAwww, the MC one is realy cute, you have one lucky niece then:smile:
  6. My SAs told me people buy them for their children, for their "1st LV" bag.......cute but $$$$ !!!!!
  7. I had a mono, black MC and white MC and i no longer have any of them. I did use them when i went out for dinners and didnt want to lug around my big bags
  8. I would never buy one for my 5 year old, she has the tendency to lose things:sad:
  9. i have one and i use it for mostly when im at school. Its perfect for my phone, credit card holder, ipod, keys and lip gloss! :smile: so if i want to go to lunch i just have to take that

    i LOVE it and honestly use it more than any ther bag...i even tend to take it shopping sometimes andddddd PERFECT bag for clubbing! :smile: LOVE IT!
  10. how big is it exactly? I haven't seen it IRL, just on elux. I thought I wanted the MC speedy but when I saw it IRL it was HUGE and waaaayyy too big for me. I ended up with the Eliza but I'm still curious about the mini HL.
  11. I know someone who uses the HL inside her speedy to catch all the little things that usually float around the bottom of your bag. I think it takes up too much space for that purpose.