What do you use your make-up for????

  1. Just curious what make-up owners use their make-up for? Is it large enough for all of your daily essentials, i.e, cell phone, cash, keys, etc?? Does anyone have a picture with items in it? I am considering getting one in a nice bright color to toss in my work bag so when I have lunchtime errands I can just grab that and go without bringing my larger bag. I would love to see pictures of the different colors as well. :yes:
  2. Hey, i haven't got the chance yet as i'm waiting for my VG make-up clutch to arrive. Will revert once i receive the item and advise what i use it for....hehehehe
  3. I love mine! grenat and lilac. I use them to keep my purse organized. You can really fit a bunch of stuff in them, and they are big enough to use as a clutch.
  4. People will probably want to kill me but I actually use it for my everyday makeup. I go from one job to the next so i need to carry a bit of makeup around.
  5. I use mine to keep my receipts, business cards, coupons~ any papers. It holds a ton. I have a ton of stuff in mine with more then enough room to spare. Hoping to get another~ just can't decide on color!!!

    DSC03970.JPG DSC04225.JPG DSC04226.JPG
  6. Mine has my iPod, small blank book, pen, pill box, camera and any loose papers I have in my bag. It's far from full, too - it would definitely hold keys, cell phone, cards and cash if you just wanted the essentials, but I'm more likely to use mine to keep my bag organised - it pretty much holds everything that my Coin Purse doesn't.

    I'll take some pictures and post them up here. :yes:
  7. I use my VG make-up as a clutch for going out. It is the perfect size, not too big not too small. I take my cell, debit card, id, cash, gum and still have room.

  8. I always go cross eyed when I take pics of myself. Sorry for the look.
  9. You're not cross-eyed...

    So this makeup bag, it doesn't have a handle, correct?
  10. correct..no handle on the make up. The shoulder has the handle:smile::smile:
  11. Shasta I love your vg.
    Celia you lucky thing!!! post pics when you get it
    I want one:crybaby:
  12. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: I must have one!!! I had no idea they held so much!! Woo Hoo! On the hunt!!!! :wlae:
  13. Gorgeous in that color!!! :drool:
  14. I miss her Shasta!!! Oh well...I am going to grab one in the new Violet :yes:
  15. So I took pictures for this thread and then immediately forgot about them. :shame: Sorry!

    iPod, Tiffany pill-box, packet of tissues, small notebook, pen and leather folder for notes, receipts and business cards.