What do you use your longchamp le pliage for??

  1. I have the medium shoulder style one in red. I tend to use it on holiday or as a wet weather bag. Which one do you have and when do you use it??? Do you use it as a regular handbag?:p
  2. i have a large black planetes (long black handles). i use it as my work bag. perfect for winter wet weather. also plenty of room for folders, shoes, and lunch.
  3. i got my mom a red medium one for her bday this year actually. she uses it everyday and loves it. its a good size for everyday use IMO. personally, i pretty much only use them as a tote for work, and of course,for travel. theyre large and xl make great weekend bags IMO bc u can fold them up after you unpack
  4. For me it's also a wet weather bag :yes: and I use my Pliages (the small ones) when I don't want to dress up (just jeans and a Barbour jacket etc.) but still want to look decent... ;) It's that " I -don't- know- what- bag- to- use- so -I -use -the -Pliage -bag" - Bag...
    Does that make sense? :s

    PS: It's unbelievable how much stuff you can get into that tiny bag...
  5. I use it usually for traveling or overnight trips. I've used it on interviews too when I had to carry a portfolio, etc. Nice, clean, classy, and not over done.
  6. I bought my les pliages for trips. They are great as a carry-on bag. However, I've lately been using mine as a work bag--files, shoes, lunch, etc. They're so durable! They're well worth the money.
  7. Rainy weather, beach, and travel. Also, as a spare bag when shopping and as a bag protector---for bags that have to go thru x-rays/conveyor belts.
  8. I bought mine specifically for travellling but find myself using it all the time! I have the small but its still so roomy and great for when I need to throw a bunch of things quickly into a handbag.
  9. I have a large black long handle tote. I LOVE it!! I put a laptop sleeve in there and it is my laptop bag for work. I could not live without this bag!
  10. OT also if you don't mind flyvetjo, i have a question for you gals, where can you buy a le pliage for cheap price?
  11. I have 2 large le pliages with long straps- one is brown and the other is the tan with pink polka dots. When I was in college I used the brown one to take my laptop and books to class, but now that I don't need a "school" bag anymore I use both for overnight bags. They're fabulous!

  12. I just saw a bunch on sale at Saks!
  13. When we went to europe, only one carry on (handbag counted) so folded mine up and put in my rolling duffle. On plane, pulled it but my wallet, etc in it and used it all over europe, held all the things I needed for sightseeing and not worried about my good designer bags.
    Bought mine in Helsinki around 2 summers ago, cruise was there for one day and the longchamps store gave us an extra discount. Think the price was 50% cheaper than the prices in the states, my only regret is I did not buy several different colors
  14. i bought the smallest size for my everyday bag, it's very versatile and fuss free!! :smile:
  15. I use my large, black with long, brown handles for an everyday work bag.