What do you use your Kirigami Pochette for?


Jul 16, 2020
Hello everyone.

This is more a drill so I will appreciate any suggestions. Here is the story - I got the Escale set. I really liked the colors and my idea was to visit a LV shop and have a look as I wasn't sure, but because of the lockdown it could't happen (there is no LV shop in the country where I live). A friend of mine got it for me and it was kind of impulsive request/purchase. I was mainly interested in the big one and I wanted to use it for my iPad. I never checked the measurements and my iPad doesn't fit in it. I have the set for quite a while, I look at it almost every day and I really love it but... I cannot think what to use it for. I don't like the idea all my bank cards to be in one "slot" - I like the way the fit in a card holder or a wallet. I don't use my passport very much because I can travel with my ID card in EU, plus I cannot fit my ticket in it. And the big one I can use as a clutch but nowhere to attach a handle/chain and knowing myself, probably something will fall off...

I really love the set and I really want to keep it so I'm looking for any ideas what i can use it for outside the "standard" use.
May 31, 2006
The Escale is so beautiful! I have it in monogram.

For day to day I use it for organizing things in my bags. In the small pouch I have membership cards (for museums, the gym, etc.), in the medium pouch I have my phone & watch chargers, and then I put both pouches into the large pouch and into my bag.

I also bought the Handbag Angels organizing set that turns the large pouch into a crossbody. It’s great as a crossbody for running errands when I don’t need many things. Fits my 6 key holder, small wallet, and my iPhone 11 Pro Max with no issues.
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Apr 20, 2020
As PP had mentioned I also use the small pouch for points/misc. cards and use the large/medium pouches as a bag organizers in my large tote bag, which . I also am planning on using the large one as a clutch for special occasions. I also have it in the monogram and I find that you can't beat the price. But I have seen some people sell the pouches they don't use separately.