What do you use your key/change holder for?

  1. My elux order arrived!!! :yahoo:

    LOVE the Speedy 30! Love it! I am so glad I ordered this! (I have it stuffed with tshirts and hanging up to get those dang creases out...)

    The little key/change holder I'm not so sure on... it's so small and my keys along with the remote for my car are really too bulky on it. What do ya'll use yours for???

    I already have 3 items going back and hate to send yet another one!

  2. Congrats on your speedy !!
  3. I have the 4 credit cards i use all the time and sometimes just take this to the store for a quick errand.
    i really don't use it for keys,I have a non generic one my daughter gave me for that.
  4. It's attached to my car keys and I keep some change in it for my coffee breaks!:biggrin:
  5. I keep my keys in it and change for parking meters! :yes: I find it very handy.
  6. I keep one inside the bag for my keys & change, and another outside the bag on the handle as a bag charm. :smile:

    I saw lots of these LV bag + LV Key Change holder versions in France and Monaco last summer, especially in the store displays.
  7. 0o0o0, congrats on your speedy 30!!! its such a wonderful bag!
  8. Congrats on the Speedy! It's awesome!

    I have a key and change holder for my house, mailbox, DH's truck, and my parents' keys. Unfortunately my huge block of a car key doesn't fit in it so I have it hanging off my pochette extender.
  9. Congrats!

    I use my key and change holder for keys and change. :lol: Wacky.
  10. Congrats! Woot! You'll get lots of use out of it!
  11. congrats