what do you use your Hayden Harnett Nico for?

  1. initially, i wanted a simple bag for school like the pan am, but in the frenzy of the sample sale, i just had to grab the ink nico, its so big and blue! im just afraid its gonna be too big for me or hard to access cause of all the zipper/flap business, if i put my notebook and school stuff in it. i do have a chameleon, though.
    also, is the bag itself heavy for a leather bag?

    any help advice would be great! thanks
  2. The Nico is undoubtedly a beautiful bag.It's definitely not heavy.I have 2 of them and I use them for work when I have to stay overnight, or to carry on a plane.The downsides of the Nico IMO are that the zipper makes it a real pain to get in and out of the bag easliy,and if you pack it full,the rolled straps get uncomfortable.HTH.
  3. I use mine as a "shopper". If I have returns to make, gotta run to the post office and just have a ton of stuff to carry for my errands then that's the bag I use. It's great for carrying lots of light stuff.
  4. I'm afraid I don't. I didn't realize quite how large it is! I have to take almost everything out of it to get at one thing, and the zippers/flap, etc. are soooo annoying! I tried to use it as a diaper bag but the pockets on the outside are just a smidge too small to prevent the sippy cups from falling out. Big disappointment. The leather is divine though. Pretty expensive to sit in my closet!
  5. I use it as an everyday bag. I have two and they're fab!
  6. I have it in ink too!! And I just ordered the chocolate from this weeks sample sale and I love them!! I use them so much because they are so big and I can fit everything I need in them...plus the leather is so buttterrryyyy=), not heavy at all IMO!!
  7. I use mine for a everyday bag. People always comment on it. I love the soft leather. I am going on a business trip this week. I am considering using it as a carry bag.
  8. Everyday bag -- I really like it -- so soft and casual!
  9. thanks all! it would be great to use as an everyday bag- goodness knows my pricey bags all sit around while my cheap totes get used!

    however, now im worried about protecting it- im not sure if i should use a protective spray?