What do you use your Coach coin purse for?

  1. I purchased a lemon coin purse/wristlet a year ago for around $100, I still haven't used it until today, I was wondering what is it used for? I tried hanging it outside of my Coach bags, but it gets in the way. What should I use it for? Some examples shown here..
    coach coin purse.jpg
  2. How about extra coins, credit cards etc. If I remember correctly I believe someone here puts her cell phone in hers.
  3. Money, change and credit cards.
  4. You could try coupons and receipts.
  5. I have a patent coin purse that I do use for coins, but it made the inside lining pretty dirty. Maybe you could try a few little makeup items, like gloss? You could do change if you wrap it up in a plastic baggie first. Receipts are a good idea, maybe wardrobe wishlists to keep you on track while shopping?
  6. I have the pink flower one shown above and I always keep my essentials in it: a lip gloss, blotting papers(for these lovely 107 degree days!) and mints.
  7. Those are fairly big so they are great as a little mini-cosmo bags...perfect size for lipgloss and "personals".
  8. I have the patent mahogany coin purse and I use it for coins and receipts.
  9. I have a plan round black leather one that I did use for coins, but it made my purse heavy so I use it at work as my "desk change" holder.

    I love your purses, so I would probably use those very similiar to how I use my mini skinnies. I use my to hold those annoying store discount cards, receipts, mints, etc.