What do you use your cles for??

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  1. I bought a cles several months ago to use as a mini wallet for my smaller bags. Well turns out it's just not working for me as I hate putting my cards in and out at an angle and I also don't like having to shuffle through the cards to find the one I need. So I've just ordered the zippy multicartes online and now need inspiration on how I can continue to get use out of my cles!! (I already have a six ring key holder and want to store coins in the multicartes...)

    So what do you use yours for?
  2. I mostly use mine for coins and attach my keys to it.

    I do have the empriente key pouch and use that as a small wallet since it's larger.
  3. Wowzers!! Not sure what you could use it for. I use it connected to my fob and holds change and sometimes cards and I'd but rarely. I love it too pieces.
  4. Maybe u can use it to store earbuds, work badge or gift cards?
  5. I only use it for change. Earbud storage is a good idea though.
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    I use my small canvas ones for earbuds.

    I use the empreinte for keys and driver's license.

    I sometimes use a an empreinte cles as a small wallet.
  7. I use mine for notes and cards.

    From youtube reviews, you can use for your car key, house keys, head phones, notes, coins, cards
  8. I just use mine for my keys :smile:
  9. 😄👍
  10. I have 2, in mono and de. I used mine to store extra cards, the other as a name card holder!
  11. I use mine for keys, but when I'm going out I put money and cards in it as my clutches can't hold my massive zippy organiser.
  12. I use mine for overflow cards, store loyalty cards and coupons. I use a card holder for my id, credit cards and cash.

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  13. I use mine as a wallet in my small bags/pocket or to store my keys in my bigger bags. Since you don't want to use a cles for these functions I'm not sure how you could use it! You could use it to store the bits you're always rummaging around your bag for - hair clips, gum, ear phones etc
  14. I use mine for car keys and house keys. Also fits cash if im running errands :smile:
  15. This is sort of similar, but I have the empreinte mini pouchette, and I put my primary credit card and license inside, and my car sensor and house key connected to a keychain on one of the clips outside. You could do the same thing with your cles, so then when you are just running to the store, gym, or to get coffee you don't need your whole purse. You just store it in your purse otherwise. You wallet can hold all of your other cards that you don't use multiple times a day.
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