What do you use your Cles for ?

  1. I bought my Cerises Cles because it is cute and a discontinued piece. It is adorable and I simply love looking at it, but please tell me, what do you use it for? At first, I thought I might clip it to the D ring inside my BH, but I've already got my pochette clipped to it and it holds alot more. I don't like the idea of using it as a decorative piece, hanging outside the bag, such as the Speedy or other mono bag. I am really torn and don't know whether to give it up, I've decided I don't want stuff just sitting in my closet, seems like a waste of money and I am really a user, not a collector, so please advice ! :smile:
  2. My mom has some credit cards she rarely uses in hers. I have the round one and I put loose change in it.
  3. I use it to carry 1-2 cards (depending on the day, it's either my debit or Visa card, or both lol), some coins, and currently 3 keys! I abuse it too much cause it's just such a great and versatile piece! Perfect for when I don't wanna lug around my big wallet in smaller bags!:biggrin:
  4. I attach it to the D-ring of my speedy. Since the Speedy only has the one side pocket, it's handy for holding my business cards. I will also use it as a small wallet when I'm carrying a small bag - perfect to hold my license, a credit card, and some cash.
  5. I usually have it in my bag (attached to the d-ring) and use it to hold extra cards that don't fit into my wallet. It's really handy for the cards that I don't use as often.

  6. I use it as an extension of my wallet. It has my driver's license, most frequently used CC, gym membership card, gas card, and a few folded up bills + receipts. I use the keychain to store keys!

    I find the cles extremely useful in that I can just grab it to run some quick errands (or when I'm just out for a walk!) It has everything I need! ;)

    PS: I have a vernis cles!

  7. I will use mine for my d/l, bank card and a few dollars for coffee and attach it to my keys.

    its going to make my life easier when i'm just running out for milk, kids to sports or school.there will be no need to grab my wallet because i'll have what i need attached/in my cles.
  8. For coins.
  9. Attach it to the D ring along with the pochette for odds' and ends'.
  10. I have my car/house keys attached to the clasp and inside I keep my drivers license, debit card, one credit card, gasoline card, a $20 bill and some coins. Oh, and my breath strips. I couldn't live without my cles!
  11. I hang my keys,put some coins,lipgloss. It's perfect for some cards and $$ when I don't have to carry the whole big wallet.
  12. I mainly use mine for coins and carry mine all the time as I hate putting coins in my wallets
  13. Some change for my coffee.
  14. I just hang mine on the outside of my speedy or my cabas piano as decor. :smile:
  15. I have two that I use as my wallet. One has important cards, and one has cash. They're a great team ! :biggrin: