What do you use your charms/keychains for?

  1. I own several Coach keychains and charms. I have a hard time matching them with my bags. Somehow they don't look right together. Do you use your keychains/charms to hook with your keys or attach them to your bags and wristlets?
  2. I use mine attached to my hangtag It looks cute.
  3. I do both. I have the skull keychain on my keys (hubby loves it too) and I have a few charms/keychains I keep for my bags... a lot of times I don't even put them on but I have a couple I can't part with. I hang them from the zipper pull (the circle) or the hangtag. :yes:
  4. I have 5 charms that I connect together and carry on my larger bags - I have my initials , the round love , the dollar sign and the heart picture frames , I like to make my bag look unique
    I have the big luggage tag charm that I carry on my bags that have goldhard ware
    My picture frame key fob go on my houe keys and I have different ones for different seasons
    My other key chains go on my wristlets
  5. My charmas and keyfobs decorate my bags.
  6. I have them on my bags & 1 on my keys too, but I find it hard to match a charm/keyfob to a bag, too :sad: Some people are really good at it though; I've seen the cuuutest pics on the Coach forum! :smile:
  7. I have them on my bags..
    Blk gallery tote and brass script charm


    hope these help.
    damier flower.jpg speedy flower.jpg speedy watermelon.jpg stra.jpg