What Do You Use Your Agenda For?

  1. 2008 for me is going to be all about accessories! I really like the look of the Agenda but I have no idea what information I'd put in it. What do you guys use your agendas for? Thanks!
  2. I'd like one to use for school but I don't think they sell school-diary refills:crybaby:
  3. i have a small vernis agenda and i use the slots for credit and bank cards, and then i put in my own clear sleeves that fit coins so i use it as a wallet and an agenda for appts. ( i use the lv monthly and daily sheets.)
  4. Thanks, I was thinking of using one for a wallet/notepad. I would put non-essential cards...membership cards/etc. and then keep appointments and notes to myself. betseylover, where do you get the clear sleeves from? I'd need to get some to hold all my cards. I'm looking at a small agenda as well.
  5. I use mine as a wallet and an agenda. I bought a pouchette wallet and ended up returning it for something else because my agenda works great for me. I do have a clear sleeve from filofax to hold more cards and I always keep my license and debit card in my cles.
  6. I have the small ring agenda & love it. I keep credit cards & other cards in there. Also receipts. I write down all my bills in the calendar section - that way I see when things are due & am never late. I keep track of when & how much was paid. Also the normal appointments, parties, events, days off, OT worked, birthdays, vacations etc.

    I use the note pages to keep all my online ids & passwords since it's become impossible to remember them all. They're kind of in code in case it was ever lost or stolen.
  7. Same here. My agenda is my life. I have an electronic PDA but still rely on the agenda.
  8. I use my black denim agenda as my travel book, I put things like travel info, airline info, etc. how to call long distance overseas, etc. and it's also my passport holder too. I think the agenda refills are a tad too small, and besides, i have a PDA for that.
  9. Same here.
  10. Same here.
  11. I use my Pocket Agenda to hold my receipts and I put my schedule for my two jobs/any planning in my agenda refill.
  12. I have a small one. I use it to jot down important notes, to keep track of appointments, to store bills & stuff and to hold business cards.
  13. Thanks everyone! I got so excited I ordered an Agenda! :yahoo: I know I'm supposed to wait until '08 for my accessories but oh well...I'll wait to get the rest of them. Hee hee! I'll post pics when I get it (hopefully tomorrow!). Now, I have to figure out what all I need to order for the inside. I read all the threads on Agendas last night so I know I can get the pocket sleeves and stuff from Filofax...but do I have to order from the website? Do they sell them at Staples or Office Depot?

    Also, does anyone know a company that sells "fun" inserts? I don't want plain ones. I scoured Google and eBay last night for Hello Kitty or Charmmy Kitty but or just anything that wasn't plain but took an L. :sad:
  14. Hmm...no answers. Does everyone use LV or Filofax inserts??
  15. i have the small azur agenda and i LOVE it!!! at first when i got it i used the LV inserts but now i use the filofax ones.

    your going to love the agenda!!!