What do you use ur cles for ?

  1. Im just wondering what everyone uses their cles for ?? i doubt it fits much.... where do u carry it ?? do u use it as a purse ?? i think they would be cute if you were going out to a club or something and needed somewhere to put ur credit cards... u could hang it off your jeans..
  2. cant use it as a purse, but it does hold a lot. when i had mine, i took it to the clubs often cuz it was convienent and held everything.

    this is what i had on mine when i had it:
    car key, my ID, my friends' ID (all 4 which makes a total of 5 ID cards), 2 ATM Debit cards, and $40 USD bills folded. and it wasn't at all bulky!

    they fit a lot if you can believe it. at one point i managed to fit my ID, some quick cash, a few cards, AND a stick of lip balm. hehe.
  3. Ipod holder....I love it...
  4. I use mine for storing credit cards, atm cards, dl, and other cards. I can usually fit 5-6 cards in one cles..
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  5. wow, that's alot! i think you just convinced me to go get one :biggrin:
  6. Change, I know others can stuff a lot in there, but I just can't see it as anything other than a change purse for me.
  7. To be honest...nothing :lol: Its just something to put on my keys so I can find them. At most I put business cards in it.
  8. Sometimes I use it to hold my keys but most of the time I use it as an extender for my pochettes (if I ever use them). I'm too anal to use them to carry change =/
  9. A few cards and some cash.
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  10. I don't really use mine that often. Did you end up purchasing the perfo speedy?
  11. Mine is attached to my car keys and I usually have some change in it or if I am going out and don't want to carry much with me, I put my CC and $$$ in it.
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  12. I have my house keys attached to the ring and use the rest for change.
  13. As much as I love the cles, I haven't been able to find a good use for one. I have bought and sold several, and still have a Myrtille epi one (just got rid of my Framboise one). I have tried using the Epi one for my drivers license and credit cards in case I want to run out the door without a purse, but I take a purse everywhere, so what's the point?
  14. I use it for loose change. I bought it for a keyholder but when I bought the cles, I also decided to buy the keychain too. I store my credit card in the keychain slot. That way I always have it. Which can be a bad thing. :weird:
  15. I have a white Suhali cles and used to use it as my wallet! It worked out well but it got too bulked up for my liking. Now I use it in conjunction with my Vachetta Fotune keychain. It makes locating my keeps so much easier!