What do you use to treat your bags?

  1. I am probably illustrating my gauche-ness here, but I don't treat my bags. I know I should, but I gotta tell you, I have so many, that between them, and 2 kids, and the eBay thing, I barely have time!! Anyone have any suggestions on what's a good, general purpose cleaner/protector/conditioner that won't take me forever to apply? What works consistently well across the board?:confused1:
  2. Whenever I do remember to do it I use Wilson's leather spray. It is easy to use. It does smell a little and it looks scary when you spray your leather , but it dries and shows no signs. I use it on all my louis vuitton bags and I need to try it on my Tods still. My sister in law who is an avid member here uses it on all her bags.
  3. I forgot to mention Saddle Soap . It is another thing my sister in law uses. But it will patina your leather some so it is only good for an already patina bag or a bag with stains or dirty handles or bottom unless you are not afraid to give your bag a patina quickly. Try it on a small spot first.
  4. I bought this Coach moisturizer/cleaner for my leather Coach bags and I've used it on my white MJ bal harbour satchel and it seems to be doing a good job. ?