What do you use to remove makeup?

  1. I don't wear a lot of makeup, just shadow, liner, and mascara. I wash my face with Clean and Clear every night before bed. That usually gets it off.
  2. The best eye-make up remover I think is Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Make up remover. It's a dual action type of a remover and works just as well (or even better!), than Lancome's Bi-Facil. Great thing is that it's also pretty cheap and can be bought at a drugstore.

    For regular facial makeup I just use my regular cleanser - right now it's shiseido.
  3. I use MAC wipes (and Clinique Take the Day Off if I've done a heavy eye for going out) and then wash with Philosophy Purity unless I'm being extra lazy...
  4. I use jojoba oil. It is the best and I always go back! I've tried more expensive oils such as DFC, Laventine, etc. but jojoba doesn't break me out and it is all natural and gets rid of hard to remove makeup like mascara easily and gently. I always use another cleanser such as DDF brightening cleanser after however.

    I saw Swisppers has new makeup pads with aloe and vitamin E which I want to try. I use their round cotton pads which are the best and lint free and I'm a sucker for new things. I also like Olay express or regular wipes as an all in one solution, more in the summer though.
  5. The same plain old Mysore Sandalwood soap that I use in the shower!
  6. i use to use DHC deep cleansing oil to remove all my makeup. it works great- removed all my MU!! plus i have dry skin so it was perfect for me. it took a while to get use to the feeling of slathering oil on my face though.. but it rinses RIGHT off.. no weird residue or anything! amazing :biggrin:

    another oil that i tried is extra virgin olive oil! i don't like using it for my eyes though, that stuff stings! :/

    anyway, i am currently using philosophy purity made simple. :smile: i like it a lot! the scent is nice, it's milky so it feels nice and it doesn't dry out my face either. my face feels nice and clean after i use it!

    i also use pond's cold cream when i get dry patches. it's VERY moisturizing and kind of leaves this residue behind so i don't use it very often.

    for eye makeup remover i use lancome's bi facil (excellent!! removes everything with a gentle swipe) but it's kind of pricey, so i tried sephora's waterproof eye MU remover and it's really good too! except the sephora one is more oily (not that bad though) than bi facil.. but the sephora one is sooo much cheaper!

    i'm also a buzzagent (you get to try out products for free and they send you sample packets or coupons to hand out if you like it) and i got a clean & clear campaign. they sent me some MU dissolving wipes & eyemakeup remover. both are very good & affordable! i'll def. be repurchasing the eye MU remover when my bottle runs out. :smile: the wipes however were too rough for my face to use often but are convenient to have around.
  7. Olive oil. It's so gentle and never stings when it gets in my eyes. And I never run out. :yahoo:
  8. Oh, I should append that I have extremely oily skin, and no one who does not should even think of using soap on their face, ever.

    If, however, you do, a simple soap like Mysore is probably your best bet.
  9. I use q-tips with baby shampoo tp remove my eye makeup , it also helps with keeping my horrible allergies in my eyes in check
    For my face I use my finger tips and Cetaphil Anti-Bacterial soap bar to remove the rest of my make up , any time I try to use those cloths that remove your make up and exfolitae your skin I break out in hives
  10. I've tried DHC and Shu Uemura (both are oil-based). But now I'm in love with BIODERMA Sensibio H2O (watery based). It completely removes all the makeups!!
  11. Clinique's Take The Day Off & Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser. Both work very well.
  12. Purity is hands down the best. It literally emulsifies and melts everything away, including eye makeup. It doesn't dry my skin out either.
  13. I use baby oil for my eye makeup and it works amazing!!! It takes everything off! For my face I just use my regular cleanser or olay or aveeno wipes
  14. I use baby oil & water for my eyes as well! Takes off even waterproof make-up! Works like a charm and cheap! As for my face, i just use a regular clean & clear face wash. I find it to be as effective as anyother brand named cleanser that i've tried.