What do you use to remove makeup?

  1. I finally tried on the armani luminous silk foundation today. im not exactly impressed, but i like it! i like it mainly because it is so easy to apply - no primer (is it what that is called) needed, no need for setting powder. it sets itself or so thats what the lady at the counter told me. she wasnt very nice btw.

    anyway, how do we properly remove foundation? i just wash my face with my usual face cleanser - is that enough? plus, since i am assuming that ladies who responds to this thread wear foundation, i have another question. does wearing foundation give you breakout?

  2. Some foundation will break you out, depends on the ingredients. I now only use mineral makeup and Laura Mercier has a really good one. As for removing foundation, I actually do an "oil cleansing method" first followed by my regular cleanser. You can google the oil cleansing method and will get a lot of information on it.
  3. Whatever you do, you need to remove your make up properly. Shu Uemura does some fantastic cleansing oils that don't require 2 steps. Otherwise, if you feel a little more hardworking, cleanse with Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser, and then a foaming cleanser after.
  4. chicaboo, i did google the oil cleansing method. it seems like a fun thing to do - but might take up some time. i want to try it out though! seems perfect to do with sisters. hehe

    vogue, thanks for the advice. i have an oil based face cleanser from anna sui. but i am too lazy to remove my make up with that. so i just used my facial cleanser. i really shouldnt be too lazy..
  5. I would recommend a cleanser followed by a toner to get all the makeup off.
  6. As the other have said, you need to make sure you remove all your makeup at night, because that can cause your skin to breakout. The simplest method if you are lazy is to go to a drugstore and pick up some of those makeup wipes but make sure you get all the makeup off ( you might have to use more than one). If you dont want wipes then there are plenty of makeup removers than can be applied with a cotton pad or rubbed on then skin then removed with water. It really depends on your own preference. But that said, when you wear foundation, you need to keep your skin clean prior to wearing and after so that your skin remains clear and if you can give your skin a day off from foundation all together every now and then, thats good.
  7. Always check that your makeup remover does not contain mineral oil or petro-anything.

    These products will clog your pores.
  8. I don't really believe in using a lot of products. Especially a whole bunch of expensive stuff that will probably break me out. To take off my makeup, I use my cleanser followed by toner. Occasionally I'll use some Dior makeup remover if I don't want to wash my face (overwashing my face tends to dry me or break me out).
  9. I use makeup removing towelettes and those work good.
  10. I use a cleanser and after baby wipes o.o
  11. Oh! I Love Armani's LSF!

    Here is what I do to remove my makeup:

    Note: I have oily skin.

    Before washing, I use cotton balls to remove ALL of my eye makeup. I like Cliniques Take the Day off..

    Everyday I get a wash cloth, run it with hot/warm water,ring it, then wipe down my face..This is one of my favorite parts of my day! Taking off my face..lol.

    Then, I use my cleanser ( MD Formulations cleanser--but you can use whatever suits your skin).

    Then after cleansing, I do the warm wash cloth again.

    After cleansing, if you, I sometimes apply astringent/toner to a cotton ball and blot my face but I don't do this daily bc its a little too drying.

    Andd....every other day..I like to use a facial exfolitor...and a mask once a week to clean out those pores!

    :smile: Hope this helps. It's just my suggestion.
  12. I use the Mac makeup remover wipes and then follow that by my regular ProActiv skin cleansing regimen. So far, so good.
  13. My aethetician recommended Ponds Make-up Removing cloths. She said just cleanser alone is not going to do the job, because not all cleansers are made to remove make-up. I've been using the wipes for a year now, and they've been great! Wash your face with your normal cleanser after you use the cloth, that way you get everything off.
  14. Could you share your routine for removing your make up? Do you do it right when you get home or wait till right before bed? What products do you use? Help Ms. Clueless (me) out!!
  15. I remove my makeup whenever I walk in the door, because I usually can't stand to have it on any longer. If I know I'm not going out again, the makeup comes off.

    I use regular cold cream (Pond's). It gets off all kinds of makeup, waterproof mascara, mineral makeup, etc. If I'm feeling particularly grimey, I'll use a facial wash afterwards. Then before bed I use a toner (Neutrogena, I think).