what do you use to protect shoes, bags?

  1. Now that i wont be using my SM spray, what do you use to waterproof your designer shoes and bags?

    I know appleguard is a big one here, but what else.

    (i'd like to protect a pair of louboutins i have, but the leather has a sheen to it and i don't want to ruin that, any recs?)
  2. SM is sado maso??
  3. shining monkey = SM.

    I'm thinking of using Apple Guard, but I'm not sure how that might affect the sheen of your new shoes
  4. look, if you will damage bag or shoes, you have reason to buy another new pair of gorgeous shoes or luxurious bag...
  5. LOLOL I laughed so hard!

    I dont protect or clean any of my shoes. I buy them to wear them, not take care of them.
  6. lol yeah, the shoes were $600 and i was temporarily insaine when i purchased them and will NEVER spend that much on shoes again. ever. way too much money. so, i have to keep these ones nice.

    i also want to protect a pair of satin pradas i have and want recs on that too.
  7. i've used appleguarde without any problems, but then again, i'm also pretty careful with my shoes and will only wear them if i'm not going too too far and when the weather is good.
    i was about to try the SM spray, but i didn't realize the long-term effects hadn't really been established yet. :shocked:

    which louboutins did you get??? :smile:
  8. i got the decolete 868's in black. they are so amazing! 4.5'' heel, pointed round toe...so classic and sexy
  9. I've used Wilson's spray for my leather boots and it was great but I don't know about the sheen leather. Wilson did dry very quickly, I haven't used Apple Garde yet but heard it takes longer to dry b/c it's heavier. Who knows though, maybe heavier means better protection. Sorry I'm not of any help.