What do you use to Pre-treat your precious bag?

  1. OK....this is actually a follow up question to one I posted earlier.

    What does everyone use to pre-treat their precious Chanels? Any favorite product out there?:rolleyes:
  2. You can pre-treat a bag?
  3. It was a suggestion made to me from a earlier posting of mine....I have heard of this before...but not sure what to use myself! LOL
  4. I used to pre-treat my Balenciaga bags with Apple Guard, however, I read that Vectra, I believe, is what some Chanel SA's recommend.
  5. Thank you so much Molls!
  6. ^^^ You're welcome. Here's a link to the product http://vectraspray.com/order.htm, however, I'd still ask your SA about pretreating your bag. My SA says it's recommended but there are others who say not to. I'm getting a white bag and I'm definitely going to pretreat it before I use it.
  7. You so rock! LOL
    Thanks again....I will definitely check with my SA....and advise when I get the info
  8. I have heard Vectra as well, and bought it but haven't had the nerve to use it LOL.
  9. you use collinil and it has been working great!
  10. I am interested in a treatment for my bags - but I am the type that is still scared of Scotchgard for furniture upholstery.....so I would be another one to buy it but never actually put it on my bags....LOL!