What do you use to polish the hardware?

  1. on your expensive bags? The nickel on one of my Tods is looking a bit dull, what should I use to polish it? I'll call the store but I would love some tips from you savy fellow purse lovers!
  2. i've heard lots of things... you can use brasso on your brass hardware... some girls have even polished the hardware on their bags with the actual dustbag it came in... i've tried this.. it works sometimes.

    but on silver colored hardware, toothpaste and a soft cotton cloth works like a charm! ;)
  3. A jewelry buffing cloth works great. It has even buffed out scratches.
  4. Thank you for the suggestions! I am going to try it. The Tods sleeper bags are very soft flannel on the inside, I will buff it with that first and then I will try the toothpaste.
  5. Yup, I've used Brasso on an LV that had been sitting in my closet for a while, and it looked fantastic!!