What do you use to organize your makeup?

  1. I really need to find a good train case. My make up is all over the place. It drives my DH crazy.
  2. I used to have this neat straw basket and then my Prada make-up bag, but I just moved and I think I will be storing my make-up in this neet retro wide milk glass vase.
  3. Nope, no elastics. To show you how my case opens, here's a pic:


    I think Caboodles used the black lace style on more than one type of case. Either that, or they changed the way they make the cases. :confused1:
  4. I have the same caboodles case but in silver metal(ish)... I use it to store my makeup and it works pretty well for me. I don't think mine has elastics either, I think only the larger cases¿
  5. Over the past few years my collection has grown by leaps and bounds and it is all over my bathroom and closet! I would really love to have a place to put it on and organize it but that just doesn't seem to be realistic. Does anyone share space with their mom or daughter? I don't mind teaching my daughter how to use makeup (she is 14) and we share some stuff at times. I just thought it might be easier if we had a common area for all the makeup that the boys didn't use. I'm out of space and trying the think "outside the box" here. :p
  6. I used to share makeup with my mother when I was really young. If you want one area, maybe you could get a vanity table and chair set and place that in a room that the both of you use. That way everything would be in one spot and you could both go in and use what you needed.

    My other suggestion would be in you have like a closest in one of your bathrooms. Maybe you could get baskets or the drawer sets that are pictured in this thread to store your makeup.

    I hope that helps! :yes:
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    heres some draws at bought..i love them!!
    i dont remember the name of the store though...
    and these little jars for xtra long brushes

    i also found this ..i think its for shoes..but i put all my extra products in it
  8. Sephora traincase - I've had it forever and it's still one of the best purchases I've made! Here's a picture of mine:

  9. wow it's so organized. I feel like I abuse my makeup now, I just toss it back into the case:shame:

    Armcandyluvr-my case is similar to yours but mine only has the "little stairs" on one side & I paid $30.00 for mine @ BJs.:sad:
  10. ooh maybe they did then. this is what mine with the elastics looks like:

    First is with everything stacked, the second is when the trays are pulled
    out, and the third is a close up of the elastics holding 2 eye brushes.
  11. I have the same urban decay shadow box & love it! Peace matches my turquoise carly so well. My tray pulls out the opposite sides (long way) the elastic brush holders would be nice & useful:yes:Are they on both sides & do you have 6 pull out trays?
  12. There are TONS of make organization vids on youtube. They're fun to watch.
  13. I love this! You are super organized!
    Love the NARS you got there, great collection!!! Plus I see NARS lipgloss and lipstick (love NARS lipstick btw). Chanel palettes, Chanel glossimers, Stila lip glazes..hehe I'm drooling over your stuff :nuts: Thanks for sharing your train case. :heart: it!

  14. This is SO what I need, but I've always been too cheap to buy it.
  15. :tup: I love that your so organized. I'm like that as well, but I use a caboodles (much cheaper than this beauty). I feel like I'm being nosey trying to see everything in here! What is the color of the first glossimer (next to the YSL?) TIA!