What do you use to organize your makeup?

  1. $2400 :shocked: the qvc one looks better in my opinion and wayyyyyyyyyyyyy cheaper haha :smile:
  2. These cases are nice, but I don't think they would fit all of my makeup! :shame:

    I would have to get multiples and that would get pricey.

    I do like the little plastic drawers, maybe I will go to target and check them out. I figure they are pretty cheap, so I could buy a bunch.
  3. I use paper holders you would use on a desk. and 2 smaller one's for my brush's. The brush's on the left I use all the time and the one's on the right, every once in a while.

    They stack super easy and fit on my shelf in the bathroom cabinet.
  4. I have this too but in pink. All my daily make up is in my coach cosmetic case & the rest is in the caboodle.
  5. Right now all of my makeup and brushes are in a Caboodles train case and 3 Vera Bradley cosmetic cases (1 medium, 1 small, and a brush/pencil case). I need to go to Target today so I may look into those little drawer things...I would like to have everything in one place and be able to see all of it without digging through stuff.
  6. For those of you who have a caboodle:

    Where are these caboodles located in stores?

    Are they in the beauty and cosmetic isles at walmart and target?
  7. ^cosmetic aisles :smile:
  8. ^^^ Yep, you can find them in the beauty department of Target next to all the other cosmetic cases and bags. Some drugstores and Ulta also have Caboodles.
  9. very informative thread thanks!!
  10. I have that too! its great if you have alot of makeup. I finally got rid of alot of makeup I dont use and now just have an everday set in my caboodles box.
  11. I have a vanity table with drawers that I use. I love it!
  12. I have a pink 3 drawer organizer on my counter. Holds my everyday makeup for easy access.
    Top holds face makeup, lip products, etc.
    middle holds eye makeup
    bottom holds bronzer, blush, powder, blotting sheets, primer, etc.

    I have two cupboards underneath the sink that have shelves and there is TONS of makeup in there. My entire collection is in there, easy for me to reach.

  13. I use this too. I have a larger one and a smaller one. I have a little area inside my closet, were it's stacked on top of my dresser.