What do you use to organize your makeup?

  1. This weekend, I have vowed to go through my makeup and throw out the stuff I never use.

    How long does makeup last? I have some eye shadows and lip glosses for a while, no idea when I got them. How do I know if they have gone bad?

    I have a really nice closet in my bathroom that has a lot of shelves. So I am thinking I am going to arrange my products on the shelves.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for containers and other organizational items I can use to transform my makeup and skincare closet?
  2. i would recommend a train case for your makeup. so everything is in on place. with putting things on the self you will notice that everything will get messy again.

    i dont think makeup goes bad. but with things like foundation and concealer.. they dont work are wonderfully after a long period of time.
  3. I got a dressing table from Ikea that I put in our hallway:

    It conveniently has one large drawer with four subsections (one for jewlery, one for foundations/blushes/skincare, one for color (lipstick, eye shadow, etc), and one for hair and nail stuff.

    We mounted an old antique mirror on the wall behind the table.

    I got an adjustable stool from Target that's the perfect height to tuck underneath it or be pulled out and used as a seat:

    The best part is that the entire setup cost only $200 and hides all my beauty stuff perfectly. It just looks like a hallway table. I'm planning to find a vase or something at a yard sale and keep flowers on the table top in front of the mirror.
  4. I use a train case from Sephora. It's great because everything is in one place and organized.
  5. Same here. :yes:
  6. I don't really wear makeup so I have a LV pouchette to keep my mascara, and lipgloss in. I don't know if makeup ever goes bad but you are supposed to change it because everytime you use it, you are transferring germs.
  7. I have a closet in my bathroom next to the sink with nice shelves. I think it was supposed to be a linen closet but I use something else for that purpose.

    I keep ALL my beauty supplies in the closet and I have four sets of plastic drawers that organizes everything. They look like this only they're a little bigger and there are four of them:

    I have two sets of drawers on a shelf, so two shelves are devoted only to makeup. Some of the drawers have another plastic insert in them to hold more. I bought a plastic craft box and removed the lid to hold various pots -- especially my BE shadows.

    It works for me!
  8. I used to have a train case, now I've upgraded to a Plano tackle box!!! Plano holds them better IMO, and they're much easier to clean.
  9. Keep the ideas coming! I was just thinking about this today while at Target. Right now, my make-up is in one container and my liners/brushes (because of the length) are in another. I would love to have something that would allow the two to live together in harmony. :=)
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    i have one of these too! :yes: top shelf i have lipglosses,lipsticks, 2nd shelf-eye shadows, liners, eye shadow crayons, mascara...., 3rd shelf-foundation, brushes, powder, that type of stuff :p my favorites though i have in my jc cosmetic bag :p on top of my organizer i got this coca cola thing that had 3 separate sections i put my nail polishes in 2 sections, the other has hair accesories :smile:
  11. I have the makeup I carry with me in a Dooney cosmetic bag. I also have a Caboodles box full of extras like brow shaping wax strips, body shimmer, MAC Fix+, and makeup remover. All of my nail stuff (which is the biggest part of my beauty collection) is in a larger Caboodles train case. I have this one in black lace with black faux leather trim:

  12. i have most of my stuff in an acrylic vanity top organizer i got at bed bath and beyond. i also use one of those small plastic drawers someone also mentioned. as far as when makeup expires, most makeup have a little symbol on the back that looks like an open jar and says thinks like 6m or 24m thats the recommended length of time they think you should keep it once it's opened.
    this is also a basic idea on everything someone posted on spektra

    • Liquid Foundation, 3-6 months (Cream foundation can last 4-6 months)
    • Foundation in a bottle should last 3-6 months
      Wide mouthed jars can expose the product to more air and should be tossed sooner. You'll know it's time to purchase a new bottle, when the ingredients begin to settle or separate, the texture thickens or thins, or the smell changes.
    • Concealer, 6-8 months
    • Powders, 1 year
    • Pressed powder, eye-shadows, blush, 2-3 years
    • Mascara, 3 months
      You should never keep mascara for any longer than 3 months (air pushes bacteria back into the tube). Never "pump" your mascara.
    • Lip gloss & Lipstick, 1 year
    • Eye/Lip Pencils, 1 year
      Eye and lip pencils should last 1 year or more, but you should sharpen pencils at least once a week to prevent bacteria from being transferred to your eye area. You'll know the product has gone bad if it dries or crumbles.
    • Facial Cleansers & Moisturizers, 6 months
    • Facial Toners, 1 year
    • Natural Cosmetics, 6 months
      ("all-natural body washes", etc.)
    i think this is all just a recommendation, some things can last longer or even expire sooner depending on how they're taken care of.
  13. I used to have a traincase, but I have way too much makeup & it doesn't all fit in there. Now I have a shelf where I have a few little 3 draw things like the ones Wildflower posted. I keep my individual eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipglosses & mascara/eyeliner etc in them. Then I have my blushes, eye palletes etc stacked on the shelf. I find it much easier to get at everything now than I did when I had everything in a train case. I'll try take a pic later!
  14. Great thread! I need to invest in something as right now my MAC shadows are taking up most of the surface of my dresser along with jewelry boxes...and I haven't depotted yet!

    Right now I have a few LV and Coach pochettes I use for makeup...one for mascara and liner, one for lip stuff and one for eyeshadows (which is now overflowing).

    I also have a few metal mesh cubes in a top dresser drawer where I keep stuff that I want to stay cool, such as primer, foundation and concealer.